2017 dynamic duos

In San Francisco, power players often come in pairs. That’s why it’s high time we celebrate the twosomes who reign supreme in the city, influencing everything from fashion and finance to tech, health, politics, entertainment and beyond. Some of these familiar faces have built the rock-solid romantic relationships that literally define #CouplesGoals (hey there, Steph and Ayesha). Others have forged professional partnerships that blur the line between work and fun (shout-outs to our unconventional couples: work spouses Sarah and Vinnie and Balboa Cafe’s Lance and Brian). Whatever keeps these teams of two together, we raise a toast to their beautiful bonds and look forward to seeing what their futures hold.

Victor and Farah Makras

It’s been more than 20 years since real estate guru Victor met wife Farah, but the day’s details are still crystal clear. “We met at Betelnut Restaurant on July 6th, 1996,” he says. “I noticed her beauty and style first, but her laugh was a close second.” Farah has since established herself as a well-known philanthropist, and the duo have been known to host fabulous parties in their Marina mansion (like last year’s Oscars bash). “While Victor is a successful businessman and a staunch humanitarian, he has a tough time saying no to our children,” Farah says. “They are his soft spot.”

Stefanie Roumeliotes and John Costouros

As founder and CEO of SGR Consulting, Stefanie helps political and nonprofit organizations achieve some lofty goals. (She’s been a powerhouse fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, Gavin Newsom and Bill de Blasio, among others.) Husband John does his fair share of strategizing too: He’s a clinical assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Stanford. “Respect, love and support are the key ingredients to a successful marriage,” Stefanie says. “We try our best to live by these words and give each other the freedom to be ourselves.”

97.3’s Sarah and Vinnie

The co-hosts first connected in Philadelphia, but became a true Bay Area morning staple two decades ago. “We’ve spent 20 years making memories together,” says Sarah. “Vinnie and I at our core are friends, so even when we disagree—and usually we do!—we find a way to communicate because our friendship is so important.” Vinnie agrees, citing “common goals” as the most coveted quality in a great work partner. “We both love what we do and have made it a priority in life.”

Jony Ive and Heather Pegg

As Apple’s chief design officer, Jony has undoubtedly played a big part in your daily life—he’s the brain behind the look and feel of all those iDevices. He wed high school sweetheart Heather, a writer, at just 21, and the two creatives live in Pacific Heights with their twin boys. Recently, they made appearances at SFMOMA’s birthday bash and the 2017 Tipping Point benefit.

Doug and Jennifer Biederbeck

“We were introduced by friends who invited us to a dinner that turned out to be three married couples and us,” says Jennifer, the director of Sotheby’s San Francisco office. Her tablemate that night was Doug, the owner of renowned restaurant Bix, as well as Florio and MarketBar. Since sharing that first meal together, the couple have built a successful marriage based on “love, respect, shared community,” and mutual respect for the importance of a “man cave.”

Samantha DuVall Bechtel and Darren Bechtel

Samantha and Darren were individually natural-born leaders before officially joining forces in a festive Napa Valley wedding last year. She serves as vice president of business development at Chandler Properties, mother Carolyn’s property management company, and he’s the founder and managing director of Brick and Mortar Ventures, a VC firm that backs companies developing solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

Bob and Kristen Myers

When the Warriors’ general manager moved home to the East Bay after a long stint in LA, he not only scored a job with his favorite team but also reunited with fellow Alamo resident and future wife Kristen. When the couple isn’t courtside, they’re busy raising young daughters Kayla and Annabelle.

Bruce and Kim Bochy

Giants fans have long been familiar with manager Bruce, who’s led the team to three World Series Championships, but they may not know that he met wife of 39 years, Kim, while attending Brevard Community College in Florida. Baseball isn’t just a part of the couple’s professional lives; son Greg spent several seasons in the minor leagues, and his younger brother Brett played for the Giants from 2014 to 2015.

Joe D’Alessandro and David Jones

Joe, president and CEO of the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau, made history when he and husband David became one of the first couples to wed following the city’s landmark legalization of gay marriage. The two have expanded their family since, raising six children. While Joe considers honesty the biggest secret to a successful union, David insists:  “Staying in sync with constant communication, saying ‘I love you’ more than ‘You are making me a little crazy’ … and a regular housekeeper.”

Bill and Mary Poland

When philanthropist and Buck Institute board member Mary met husband Bill, a real estate developer and founder of the Bay West Group, she was drawn to his easygoing spirit. “He was just normal and comfortable in his own skin,” she says. “He liked my Dorothy Hamill hairdo—which lasted about three months.” Decades after locking eyes at a Pier 39 Guardsmen singles event, the Polands are still smitten after 35 years of marriage and advise other couples to count their blessings. “Know in your heart that you are the luckiest people in the world and grateful that you have each other,” Mary says.

Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Siebel Newsom

The San Francisco power couple who need zero introduction? The former mayor, now California Lieutenant Governor, and documentarian Jennifer have been unstoppable since tying the knot in 2008. She co-founded The Representation Project, an organization aimed at ending gender stereotypes, and he’s launched his 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

Gordon and Ann Getty

Yet another famed surname that requires minimal expository info: Getty. Since their Las Vegas wedding on Christmas Day 1964, Gordon and Ann have remained influential members of SF society. He’s the businessman/investor/philanthropist/composer son of an oil tycoon, and she’s the well-known interior designer/author/fashion plate at the helm of Ann Getty Associates and Ann Getty House.

Jim and Cecilia Herbert

Consider speaking with the Herberts before making any major financial decisions. Since co-founding First Republic Bank in 1985, Jim has served as the institution’s CEO, and wife Cecilia serves as the board chair of iShares Funds, a family of exchange-traded funds managed by BlackRock. In addition to their professional endeavors, both are dedicated philanthropists: Cecilia serves on the board of Stanford Hospital and Jim served on the board of the San Francisco Ballet Association, among other notable organizations.

Steph and Ayesha Curry

He’s the record-breaking MVP behind some of the Golden State Warriors’ biggest wins, and she’s the cookbook author/social media star with nearly half a million YouTube subscribers. In addition to their packed professional schedules, the longtime couple—who met during their teen years in Charlotte, North Carolina—are the proud parents to daughters Riley and Ryan, scene-stealers in their own right.

Gregg Lynn and Glenn Risso

Fate (or a faulty memory) united Sotheby’s realtor Gregg and NFP Insurance account executive Glenn. “A friend was hosting a series of three nightly parties and Gregg showed up by mistake on the wrong evening,” Glenn says. They had their first date the following night and wed at the Four Seasons Biltmore Resort in Santa Barbara 13 years later to the day. Asked about their fondest memory from the April 1 nuptials, the couple says the unrehearsed reading of their vows will forever be a special moment.

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