A Dog’s Tale

Ron Wormser

The sprightly English Springer Spaniel who occupied the White House in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s once ‘wrote’ Millie’s Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush. Following in the footsteps of that famously articulate First Canine, and detailing several events that occurred during the same era, Carmel resident Ron Wormser now proudly shares a book byline with his own loyal pooch.

Wormser has published A Dog’s Tale, a delightful 165-page tome with his beloved late miniature Schnauzer Pepper listed as the lead ‘author.’ As Pepper himself puts it in the introduction, “This is the story of my life seen from about six inches off the ground. From my perspective, almost everything’s looking up.”

Available at Amazon and good bookstores in paperback and eBook formats, it’s a tale told from a truly unique standpoint. Chapters such as ‘The Scoop on the Scooper’ and ‘Groom with a View’ provide a wonderfully playful perspective on the special bond between the two protagonists. Pet lovers will lap up the exploits that Pepper gets up to on the streets of both the Big Apple and the City of Brotherly Love.

After moving with Ron to Philadelphia, Pepper was sadly diagnosed with a terminal illness in 1990. Wormser recalls, “I felt I owed it to him to finish ‘his’ book. My mission proved to be very emotional, and provided closure for his passing. Hopefully this story may help other animal lovers who are going through something similar.”

Being a published author is actually the second chapter of Wormser’s celebrated career. Born and raised in West Virginia, the septuagenarian previously spent 40 years in the nonprofit sector. Among other noteworthy institutions, he worked at the New York-based Institute of International Education and Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Since retiring in 2007, he and his wife Miriam now live on the Monterey Peninsula.

He remains extremely active, doing board development, fundraising, and pro-bono consulting. Wormser’s work with Stanford has, he says, brought him into contact with classic “Type A Silicon Valley success stories, remarkable people who work hard and want to make others’ lives better.”

September may mark the official end of the dog days of summer, but the inspiring message of A Dog’s Tale will stay with readers forever!

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