A-List Eligibles

By Katie Sweeney

Meet the Gazette’s 2020 A-List Eligibles. From left: Jorge Maumer; Sherri McMullen; Christopher Byers; Kat Ensign; Tony Sananikone; London Breed; Korey Kuhl; Marya Chivari; Monique Lombardelli; Doug Dalton; and Alvin Holden. (Spencer Brown, photographer) Special thanks to Wingtip, our generous hosts for what is always one of our favorite photoshoots of the year.

Yes, they’re single — and ready to mingle. Scroll to get the scoop. 

For San Francisco’s hopeful romantics, a new decade brings excitement that The One will appear this year. Even Mayor London Breed believes. “I think so, yeah,” she tells the Nob Hill Gazette. “He’s out there.” There are more than 850,000 residents in the City, and although there is no way of knowing exactly how many are single (and fabulous!), plenty of them have to be. Each February, to remind readers that love is in the air — and not everyone is taken — the Gazette highlights the crème de la crème of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. From a carefree Latin dad to City Hall’s newly inaugurated leader, meet the VIPs and fresh faces who prove that singles really do have more fun.

Jorge Maumer @jorge_world_wide

If you meet Maumer, the man about town and real estate investor, at a charity event, you might not guess that the Mexico native is a family man. But Maumer is a gay single dad and role model to the local community. Five years ago, when he grew sick of waiting for Mr. Right in order to start a family, he took matters into his own hands — and with the help of a gestational carrier, became father to son Augustine. Now Maumer travels the world with his little boy in tow, still searching for that special someone to settle down with. “He must be someone with the same values,” Maumer says of his ideal man. “He should be old-fashioned and love children.” His partner should also be active in the philanthropy community and a lover of the arts. In late January, Maumer hosted the Cinderella Benefit Breakfast, a shopping event at Neiman Marcus that supported the San Francisco Ballet. What makes him an ideal partner: “I’m loyal, romantic and kind-hearted.” His perfect first date: “Dinner at Gary Danko and a nice long walk.” His theme song: “’Anda y Ve’ (it’s a Spanish song) and ‘I Want to Know What Love Is.’” His next travel destination: “South America.”

Sherri McMullen @sherri.mcmullen

McMullen is a fashion powerhouse. For 12 years, her namesake boutique, McMullen, was one of the only, if not the only, place in Oakland where stylish shoppers could find acclaimed international designers. Last fall, McMullen expanded her reach with a second storefront in Palo Alto. Now, the single mother is focusing on bringing emerging artists to the Bay. “I’m passionate about my career and the business I have created,” McMullen says. “I’m in a position where I can support other artists and young people who have an interest in fashion.” She’s also an exceptional hostess — if you’re ever invited to one of her parties, go. What makes her an ideal date: “I deeply love people I care about. I possess strength. I am a very supportive partner, always finding the best in a person.” What she’s looking for in a partner: “A man who is passionate, creative, compassionate, enjoys traveling and cooking.” Her power animal: “A peacock.” Her perfect first date: “On a sunny day, picnic in the park followed by a walk to a local wine bar to enjoy rose or French white wine. The day turns into evening, followed by dinner and great conversation — and hopefully a little smooching.”

Christopher Byers @cfb24

Allow me to introduce a perfect man: Byers is the real deal. The thoughtful, well educated attorney is spontaneous, confident and easy-going. He’s well-traveled (“I try to take any opportunity I can to see the world and experience different cultures. I am going to Mexico City, and Belize in the next few weeks”), knows how to pick out clothes (“Brighter colors tend to look better with my skin complexion”) and volunteers (“I think it is important to spend time with seniors, as many do not have family in the area. Also, studies have shown, quality time and engagement with others is critical for physical health, especially as we age”). Outdoorsy? Check. Into sports? Check. Foodie? Check. His perfect first date: “I think it boils down to two things — one, real laughter over nervous laughter; two, natural conversation over forced conversation. If I can get those two, I would want a second date.” His perspective on dating apps: “I use Bumble and Hinge on occasion. The apps are great because they can extend a person’s reach. A person can meet people they may not come across in everyday life. However, the downside is one is making dating decisions purely off of a picture and a short profile. With that information alone, it can be difficult to tell if there would be chemistry in person. As a result, at times, talking to people through apps can feel more like work than fun.” His theme song: “‘Known’ by Tauren Wells. It is a reminder that helps me stay grounded in my faith. Anytime this song comes on, I think I am ready for my American Idol tryout.” Cats vs. dogs: “Dogs. I am not a cat fan. I am also allergic to cats, so that probably does not work in their favor.”

Kat Ensign @katwalksf

With over 103,000 Instagram followers, local influencer Ensign is savvy, sassy and scintillating. The bubbly blonde is charming because she’s honest and approachable, but also absolutely over the top and down-right funny. “I am confident in my skin and not afraid to be me,” Ensign says. “I wear what I want … even if I do look like a loofah sometimes.” Follow along on her Stories and watch as she bounces from a Barry’s workout to a photoshoot to a restaurant opening. But guys, beware: Ensign candidly discusses dating life online. As she puts it, “I’m not secret about anything.” Her ideal partner: “Someone who is equally adventurous, energetic and must love dogs! No picky eaters for me. I’m looking for a man who is ready to try anything. I’m looking for someone who wants to eat, drink and explore SF.” Her perfect first date: “Espresso martinis and good conversation at my favorite bar, Original Joe’s.” Her favorite color: “Fire engine red.” Her next travel destination: “Spain.”

Korey Kuhl @koreykuhl

Fans of The Amazing Race might recognize Korey Kuhl. The co-host of Psychobabble, a podcast on iTunes and Spotify, Kuhl competed in the reality show twice and almost won twice. He’ll fondly remember the race as an experience that taught him how strong he is and enhanced his ability to empathize. “I’m passionate about people and experiences that bring out the best versions of ourselves,” he says. “I love creating authentic connections on a deeper level.” When he’s not oversharing his life on the internet, Kuhl can be found at the movie theater, on the track, or near a beach. His perfect first date: “I don’t need anything fancy when it comes to first dates. I’m happy grabbing a drink somewhere or taking a walk around the city. I want to be able to have a conversation with the person and see how we connect.” What he loves most about the City: “I love the sense of community I feel living in SF. No matter where I go or what I do, I always feel like I run into a friend or familiar face, which makes SF feel like a close-knit community.” His perspective on dating apps: “I’d belying if I said I hadn’t used apps in the past (and probably all of them at that), but I decided to kick off 2020 by taking a break from all dating apps.” His celebrity crushes:Nyle DiMarco and Mark Kanemura.”

London Breed @londonbreed

Ms. London Breed needs no introduction. The mayor of San Francisco is quite possibly the City’s hardest-working bachelorette. She’s tirelessly attempting to end homelessness, make San Francisco more affordable, and ensure that the economy thrives, all the while attending events and warmly meeting new people. Although she’s strong in expressing her political opinions, when prompted to talk about her love life, a different side of Breed emerges. “I’m not used to this,” she says of exposing a shy, more vulnerable version of herself. “I’m out of practice.” Rest assured that when she connects with The One, he’ll be self-assured and confident enough to bask in her success. Her ideal partner: “Someone who is fun and has a great personality. Funny. Outgoing. Those kinds of things.” Her perfect date: “Dinner with really good food and really good wine. I love State Bird Provisions.” Her celebrity crushes:Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt.” Her theme song: “Anything Beyoncé. Probably ‘Survivor.’”

Tony Sananikone @sananikone1

Sananikone just might be the restaurant industry’s best dressed man. As the marketing director for the Mina Group, he over-sees the 40-plus eateries in Michael Mina’s extensive restaurant empire, but his degree in fashion is apparent the second you meet him. Sananikone is stylish yet subtle, with a flashy smile that’s friendly and welcoming. He exudes good energy and positivity, and when asked if he uses the dating apps, reveals his comedic streak. “No, I do not use any dating apps, unless … does a hookup app count?” he says before adding, “Just kidding.” When he’s not dining at one of Mina’s restaurants, Sananikone enjoys throwing dinner parties, getting out of the City, wine tasting, shopping, painting and binge-watching The Bachelor. His ideal partner: “Someone curious about life, who likes to travel and is financially stable. He should make me smile/laugh and be super sexy, but with a kind heart. He should also enjoy ethnic food and be someone who can fit into” his life. His celebrity crush:Chris Pine, Jude Law, Henry Cavill, Matt Bomer …I think I might have a type, lol.” His power animal: “I would have to go with a person, David Bowie, because he was always re-creating himself.” His favorite color: “I love white; it’s pure, a clean slate, and goes with everything.”

Marya Chivari @scarya19

Chivari is on a mission. As a widow whose husband lost a harrowing battle with cancer, the philanthropist has made it her life’s goal to fight the disease. She participates in Cycle for Survival, an upcoming stationary-cycling benefit that takes place on February 8. “It’s cathartic for me to raise funds to help other patients and their families who have cancer,” Chivari explains. “I’ve seen a lot of illness and suffering in 41 years, so it’s nice to be able to give back.” Fundraising for a good cause isn’t her only passion — Chivari is also a lover of all things fashion and beloved by friends for her sharp wit and contagious laugh. “I have a wicked sense of humor, am physically and emotionally flexible, and wise,” she says, musing on what makes her an ideal partner. Without skipping a beat, Chivari adds, “And I love to cook and clean.” Her perspective of dating apps: “I have yet to venture into that black hole of weird. Love has chased me down the street and found me in various parts of the world, so I am confident when the time is right, it will find me again.” Her celebrity crushes:Ryan Reynolds, Eric Clapton, Common the rapper.” Her perfect first date: “Laughing until we cry, accompanied by copious amounts of pizza and Champagne.” Her theme song: “It changes daily. Today: ‘Bring the Pain’ by Missy Elliot. Yesterday: ‘Break My Stride’ by Matthew Wilder.”

Monique Lombardelli @moniquelombardelli

Lombardelli is not your typical real estate broker. As the founder of Modern Homes Realty Group, she’s the expert on all things midcentury modern. She specializes in selling contemporary homes that were built by architect Joseph Eichler and has cultivated a network of like-minded followers. Elegant, open, classic and clean are words that could be used to describe Eichler’s aesthetic and Lombardelli herself. The Oregon transplant believes that she is “trustworthy, happy and encouraging. I think I would make an ideal partner because I am committed to a partner’s happiness and contentment. I believe openness and honesty create a wonderful bond.” The striking brunette is also exceptionally confident. When was the last time she was in love? Her reply is on point: “I’m always in love with myself.” Her ideal partner: “A man who is romantic, tall, loyal and an alpha.” Her perspective on dating apps: “I deleted all of them because I believe they are a waste of time. I have found joy in meeting men through friends.” Her celebrity crushes:Elon Musk and Leonardo DiCaprio.” Her power animal: “A cheetah.”

Doug Dalton @dougdalton

Although you may not personally know Dalton, chances are you’ve been to one of the serial entrepreneur’s bars. Dalton is the gregarious owner of Future Bars, a Bay Area empire that includes ten different establishments like Bourbon & Branch, Pagan Idol, Local Edition, and his latest, Nightingale, as well as three spirit shops called Cask. Dalton is also a technology whiz who has worked as CTO for several major corporations such as Estée Lauder, a pilot, and avid concertgoer. Despite his many talents, Dalton doesn’t take himself too seriously. His ideal partner: “Someone who is caring, smart and funny. Someone that inspires me to be the best version of myself.” His celebrity crush: Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Connelly— they were both big when I was impressionable, as well as Nicole Kidman, because she was in BMX Bandits.” What he loves most about SF: “There are so many great people to meet and spend time with in the Bay Area. I am moved by their passions and focus on making a difference as well as perspective on life.” His power animal: “The honey badger ’cause he doesn’t give a f—.”

Alvin Holden @alvinholden8020

If you’re into San Francisco’s boutique fitness scene, you’ve probably taken a class from exercise whiz Holden. The handsome trainer was a pioneer instructor at both Barry’s Bootcamp and Rumble Boxing. If you haven’t experienced his challenging yet rewarding workouts, book one soon. He’s an encouraging, funny and caring teacher. But don’t worry, ladies, he’s not an overbearing date. “I’m a cheerleader, but I don’t want to be the coach unless someone asks me to be the coach,” Holden explains. “They do have to be into fitness in some way, shape or form.” When he’s not working out, Holden can be found behind a camera: He moonlights as a videographer. His best qualities: “I’m caring and considerate and a little adventurous.” His celebrity crush:Alyssa Milano. Oh, and Jessica Biel is kind of hot.” His ideal date: “Some sort of light activity, a drink or two, a good meal, another drink or two, and a peck good night.” Cats vs. dogs: “I like well-behaved, talented animals. If a cat has talent and listens and does cool s—, then I’m a cat person. If the dog can do things, cool, but if either one of those animals is unruly and misbehave, and smells, then I’d rather not do.”

Where are they now?

The Gazette caught up with some of our favorite people who appeared on the Eligibles list in the past. Have they found love? A few updates:

Daisy Barringer, 2017: “I’m currently single, but I’ve dated a couple of great guys since appearing on this list three years ago. However, I think it’s worth noting that none of them lived in San Francisco. Apparently, for me, it’s long-distance or nothing.”

Mark Rhoades, 2017: “I got a few dates out of the list! I got a text message from some cute guy from back in the day saying, ‘You are single?!’ Then I got a message from a handsome guy that I’m friends with on Facebook that started with, ‘You like Sacha Baron Cohen and Chris Pratt?’ We went outa few times.”

Moanalani Jeffrey, 2019: “People who saw the issue have stopped me on the street. The buzz has been great. I have a feeling Mr.Right is around the corner, 2020 is looking good!”

Mourad Lahlou, 2017: “I felt like there’s no escaping us. From that moment, the urge to stay connected came, and it was not something that I decided to do. It was simply something that I had to do. It was like, ‘I’m not gonna let this drift away.’” — Lahlou on his wife, SF Ballet principal dancer, Mathilde Froustey, whom he met in 2018 and married late last fall.

Julia Millay Walsh, 2018: “Newly single. Fresh off a catamaran in St. Barths.”

Hooman Khalili, 2019: “The photoshoot was super fun, and the exposure from the list was fantastic. A lot of people reached out, but I was so busy with life that I only went on two dates last year!”

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