A Smart Way to Manage Property

The startup Lio Slama founded in 2016 utilizes A.I. to facilitate numerous aspects of the real estate process. His technology company, whose ethos is “Intelligent Real Estate Management,” harnesses the power of machine learning to simplify life for tenants, landlords, and property managers alike. From basic invoicing to complex building repairs, Slama’s brainchild is bringing a welcome level of automation to what have hitherto been time-consuming tasks.

The entrepreneur tells Gentry that SquarePlan’s product offerings “find the commonalities between the many different entities involved, from residents to real estate developers. As a result, both communication and efficiency are improved.”

The idea for SquarePlan, which uses its own proprietary technology, came to Slama after an elderly neighbor found herself trapped in a recycling room on the 19th floor of his apartment complex. After freeing her, Slama quickly set about contacting the doorman, superintendent, and building manager to fix the defective doorknob, all to no immediate avail.

Compared to retail and numerous other industries, real estate has thus far proven relatively resistant to technological disruption. Slama believes that is set to shift. He says, “The sector is ripe for change, especially amid the increased pervasiveness of automation over the past couple of years. Ultimately, real estate is not simply about monetary transactions. Rather, it revolves around providing a service and ensuring that tenants and management are on the same page.”

Slama’s highly impressive track record suggests his latest venture will be a success. A true global citizen fluent in four languages, his curiosity about the world has seen Slama visit over 50 countries in the past decade. At the age of only 25, the French native was hired to be Head of Architecture for the International Labor Organization renovation project in Geneva. He subsequently earned a master’s degree in advanced design from Columbia University, whose business school invited him to speak about A.I. before a prestigious panel late last month. This accomplished architect clearly encapsulates the wise old adage that, “If you build it, they will come!”

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