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A Touch of Beauty 

Mindy Rosenberg

When we meet, Mindy Rosenberg, Creative Director and Owner of Mindy Rosenberg Design, is surrounded by 100 stems of cut amaryllis. They sit on her kitchen counters, windowsills, and tables. She tends to each bulb in order to achieve a perfect bloom in three days for the three events Rosenberg has scheduled over the weekend. “They’re everywhere, and I love it!” she adds.

Rosenberg has been creating beautiful and classical floral arranges for nearly a decade. “I’ve always loved creating, whether it was my jewelry business in Chicago or interior design, but I wanted to find another area of artistic expression,” she explains. “Working with textures and colors is what led me to floral design.” Rosenberg enrolled in the floral design program at Filoli and learned under the tutelage of Anne Patrick, whose approach was very natural and garden-like. “I learned a tremendous amount about styling flowers from Anne,” she adds.

She also credits the San Francisco Flower Mart for its constant guidance and education. “It’s only one of five remaining wholesale flower markets in the country,” Rosenberg says. “And I have established great relationships with the people who work there.  They’re so knowledgeable and can tell me about each variety of flower—where they come from, when they were harvested, how long they’re going to last—they are really my partners in this business and it’s the place where I get inspiration.”

Rosenberg also seeks out a vision when meeting with her clients. “It’s all about finding out what their goal is for the occasion—what are their colors, what type of containers or accents do they like, and what style are they going for,” she ex- plains. And she enjoys educating clients—whether it’s taking them on a tour of the flower mart or teaching a workshop on how to build perfect arrangements. “Years ago, you could only buy flowers from a florist. Now, anyone can go to Trader Joe’s or Drae-ger’s and find an extensive collection,” she says. “I think it is so wonderful that flowers are now so accessible. I believe that flowers add beauty to everyone’s world and nature should be brought in- doors, and lovingly arranged on every person’s counter, windowsills, and/or table.”

For more information, to schedule a tour, or take a workshop, visit www.mindyrosenberg.com.

Mindy’s Words to Arrange By

  • Get to know the people who sell the flowers. They can tell you which flowers are the freshest ones possible.
  • Flowers are often cut and shipped without water. So you immediately want to give the flowers a new fresh cut on a 45 angle and put the flowers into warm water.
  • Remove any leaves that could be underwater, because they can break down and cause bacteria. And don’t forget to add those packets of flower food!
  • To make an arrangement, start with two or three types of foliage. That can help make the arrangement’s shape. Next, pick three colors and types of flowers—for example, a pink, red, and burgundy or a purple, orange, and green. I make one of the flowers my show stopper and the other two my supporting characters. Then, add ‘floral jewelry’ like a berry or a touch of orchid.


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