An Adoring Aloha for Filoli

Photos by Drew Altizer

It was a tropical good time at this year’s Filoli gala! Guests donned their most fragrant lei and vibrant florals for Filoli’s delightful Pacific Paradise Gala held in their beautifully groomed 16-acre formal gardens.

A heritage-driven menu was carefully crafted by chef Ravi Kapur of Liholiho Yacht Club and filled to the brim with gourmet, locally-sourced ingredients that honored Filoli’s connection to the Pacific Isles. Hosted by Jacque Jarve, the gala held an auction that offered guests one-of-a-kind experiences like a VIP pool party, murder mystery dinner, and a chance to raise money for educational programs that serve local youth.

Gala guests like musicians Tuck and Patti Andress were serenaded by the tropical sounds of the Alcatraz Islanders and could stop by the flower posey making station at any point in the night. Other notable attendees included Filoli’s chief executive officer Kara Newport and board member Robert Fountain, who served as a consultant for the Pacific Paradise Gala’s event planning and design.

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