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A wonderful thing about writing for a community magazine for over two decades is how stories circle back, how extended connections are made. That is, after all, what community is all about.

In sitting down with Mark Scafine in his new Menlo Park office, where he helms The Scafine Group, I eye an Olympic Club hole-in-one trophy on his bookshelf and am taken back to the June 2010 issue of Gentry, when I interviewed his parents, Tony and Barbara, about golf, their golden wedding anniversary, and a dream to take their twin grandchildren, then just babies, out onto the fairway one day. Now, I have the opportunity to chat with the father of those twins, their son Mark, about his own local roots and pursuits.

Scafine’s career spans over 25 years of property management and brokerage experience, having also co-established SC Properties in San Mateo, where he has lived since childhood. “We started as a small-to-medium-sized brokerage company,” he says of opening SC Properties in 1996. “There wasn’t really anyone in our industry that specialized in property management and apartment sales for boutique sales.” As the business grew to a staff of 20, Scafine found himself wanting to create a smaller and more personalized experience for his clients. He partnered with Co-Founder Anna Zappettini, former director of Worldwide Retail Marketing for Apple, and opened The Scafine Group in January.

“We’re renovating mid-level apartments quickly. The rental market is still strong, for sure.”

“Now, I can call my clients and talk to them all the time,” Scafine says of the change of pace. And it’s not a leap to imagine that that personal touch, along with Scafine’s positive presence and genuine laughter, are appreciated by his clients. “It’s big, but it’s small,” he says of the industry. “You name an owner and I probably know a building. They trust me after 20 years.”

The Scafine Group handles apartment and residential sales, as well as all detail-oriented property management services, including renovations and in-house, full-time maintenance for 500 units throughout San Mateo County. “We’re renovating mid-level apartments quickly,” he says. “The rental market is still strong, for sure.” And after so many years in San Mateo, Scafine has enjoyed the move to Menlo Park. “The location’s great. I just love downtown.”

Lest we forgot to mention the next up-and-coming generation (in the hopes we’ll be interviewing them as well one day), Scafine’s twins are now 10 years old. “They know everything,” he says of raising preteens, a son who already plans on going to Stanford and a daughter who talks about getting into real estate and decorating and interior design. “Basically, flipping houses,” Scafine says with that wide-open humor.

As it turns out, the family pastime also may not have fallen far from the tree: Tony and Barbara have indeed been taking the grandkids golfing.


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