ARCS Celebrates Six Decades

Photos by Drew Altizer

November 7

Co-chairs Deborah Mann and Sallie Huntting

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, otherwise known as ARCS, marked 60 fruitful years of service at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco. The event brought more than 70 students pursuing STEM studies from SFSU, Stanford, UCSF, UC Berkeley, UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz under the same roof with 300-plus supporters. “I’m most proud of the fact that after 60 years, ARCS has held tight to our mission of supporting the young science scholars who have the potential to change our world,” ARCS Northern California President Christine Simpson Brent tells the Gazette. The celebration raised more than $260,000 for the organization’s cause. Attendees included Janet Reilly, Donna Miller Casey, co-chairs Deborah Mann, Sallie Huntting and Lane Buckingham with awardee Chuck Robbins.

Clarissa Dyer and Linda Millard
Nancy Mueller, Natalie Engmann and Jo Whitehouse
Janet Reilly and Jeremy Reiter
Chuck Robbins and Marion Cope
Dixon Doll and Greg Ryan
Michael and Connie Hooker with Steve Millard


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