Beauty and the Beast

by Natasha Chalenko

We live in an era of chaotic over-styling, throwaway fashion and a hodgepodge of trends. In this whirlwind, it’s easy to forget that good taste simply cannot be rushed. For decades, San Francisco’s social set has distinguished itself as a smart purveyor of confident style statements rather than screaming latest fashion “flavors of the month.” This season, let’s take a step back, take a look around, inhale, exhale and go back to our roots. Bay Area lifestyle is not only dressing for breezy days by the Bay, but also bucolic weekends in Napa, glowing Lake Tahoe evenings and sunny trips to Carmel. Tasteful balance of crisp lines, fluid textures and a pop of rich color will translate into elegant, easygoing and luxe essentials, making an effortless transition into the summer vacation wardrobe. After all, Spring always feels like a breath of fresh air, and so should our style.

 Fashion March

Succulent Color

Draw color inspiration from nature. Evoke the Spring mood by choosing rich, saturated hues, such as raspberry pink.

Giambattista Valli dress (Saks Fifth Avenue, San Francisco 415-986-4300)

Fashion March

Focal Point

Create optimal impact by adding a distinctive single accessory to clean lines and simple silhouettes.

Marni dress (Neiman Marcus, San Francisco 415-362-3900)

Fashion March

Sporty Chic

Athletic elements project youthful joie de vivre. Add luxurious sheen and standout shoes to transform into a fresh evening look.

Rosetta Getty blouse (Neiman Marcus, San Francisco 415-362-3900);

Valentino skirt (Saks Fifth Avenue, San Francisco 415-986-4300);

Celine shoes (Saks Fifth Avenue, San Francisco 415-986-4300)

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