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Beauty: Bon Voyage

By Natasha Chalenko

When it comes to vacation packing and personal care, I’ve never heard anyone saying “I like to pack heavy.” On the contrary, I’m always asked for my recommendations on efficient jet-setting beauty solutions. Add these hardworking multitaskers to this summer’s pack list, and after you return from your travels, all can seamlessly transition into your daily routine.

Rays for Days. Clarins is known as one of the pioneers in suncare, with 40 years of expertise and research. This summer’s new collection takes face and body sunscreens to the next level. Each product contains two proprietary Sun Complexes — while the organic double protection filter helps to block harmful UVA/UVB rays, the antioxidant-rich, plant-based component softens and hydrates skin. Available in SPF 30 and SPF 50+. Clarins Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 30, $30;

Frizz Gone. Going tropical? Keep flyaways at bay with the new R+Co Moon Landing Anti-Humidity Spray. This instantly absorbing hair aerosol contains a polymer blend that seals in moisture and blocks humidity. Additionally, the vitamin-rich formulation of buriti oil, panthenol, tocopherol and sea buckthorn oil takes care of hair health, elasticity and shine. The spray has light texture, so your mane stays manageable. R+Co Moon Landing Anti-Humidity Spray, $32;

One-Stop Shop: Thanks to its blend of 15 healing plants (including Saint-John’s-wort, chamomile, arnica and calendula), the highly potent formula in Shiffa Healing Balm covers a multitude of travel blues. A remedy for sunburns, minor cuts and wounds? Check. A nourishing night potion to repair and refresh skin? Check. Spill-proof? Check. This solid balm delicately melts only when in contact with my skin, not my Birkin. Shiffa Healing Balm, $106;

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