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Beauty Must Haves: The New Sexy

By Natasha Chalenko

Aphrodisiacs, pheromones and gourmand scents are the latest genre of seductive perfumes. They capture our imagination, hover above our skin, and linger in our memory. An everlasting love, a passionate romance or an effervescent flirt — you decide your own Valentine’s Day story, but these perfumes will make the holiday truly unforgettable.

Byredo Casablanca Lily Perfume Extract.

Into the Night. Casablanca Lily by Byredo is a beautiful seductress. It pays homage to heady flowers that bloom at nightfall — a tempting array of gardenia, plum, carnation and tuberose intensified by rosewood and softened by honey. This precious liquid comes in an extract of perfume formula, so one small drop behind the ear will last you from dusk to dawn. Byredo Casablanca Lily Perfume Extract, $320 for 50 ml;

Kilian Rolling in Love Eau de Parfum.

Sweet Harmony. Love is the ultimate addiction, a total loss of boundaries and a rollercoaster for the soul — this is the statement behind Rolling in Love by Kilian. An exhilarating symphony of almond milk, ambrette seeds, iris, freesia, vanilla and musk creates an enveloping feeling of a warm, cashmere-soft embrace. Kilian Rolling in Love Eau de Parfum, $240 for 50 ml;

Serge Lutens Five o’Clock Au Gingembre Eau de Parfum.

A Tea for Two. I cannot think of a more perfect gourmand unisex fragrance than Five o’Clock au Gingembre by Serge Lutens. It opens up with a subtle smokiness of bergamot and tea; transforms into mouthwatering hints of ginger and cinnamon; and ends up with gentle accords of pepper, patchouli, honey, cacao. It’s sophisticated and elegant, yet sensual at the same time. Serge Lutens Five o’Clock Au Gingembre Eau de Parfum, $230 for 100 ml;

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