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Beauty With a Conscience

By Natasha Chalenko

In November, around Thanksgiving, we always feel extra-grateful for what we have, not to mention more motivated for making the world a better place. Let’s shop these remarkable beauty brands that step up for species and spaces that deserve our support. Go with your heart!

Endangered Animals: Chantecaille has always been a tireless ambassador for those without a voice, and this season, the brand continues the fight by giving back to six wildlife conservation charities with its Africa’s Vanishing Species Collection. Each fabulous eyeshadow was inspired by the endangered animal it supports — including the smallest one of the bunch, the pangolin. This adorable creature is the most trafficked mammal on the planet because of the false belief that it contains medicinal value. It would be poached to extinction were it not for the efforts of the Tikki Hywood Foundation, which rescues and rehabilitates these defenseless animals. Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shade Pangolin (Dusky Violet), $52;

Reforestation: This fall, Clarins decided to partner with the Malibu Foundation by hosting the largest replanting event the National Park Service has ever seen. Following last year’s Woolsey wildfires tragedy, the brand has devoted itself to seeding more than 2,500 native trees, plants and shrubs to get the mountains green again. This initiative echoes Clarins’ efforts in the green beauty space, earmarked by the company’s launch of Plant Gold, the brand’s 100 percent natural-origin innovation. Clarins Plant Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Oil-Emulsion, $59;

Marine Protection: We live in the Bay Area, so the importance of protecting the environment and our glorious Pacific Ocean really hits home. One Ocean Beauty should be on your radar. The brand committed to a $250,000 donation to Oceana, a nonprofit dedicated to safe-guarding the world’s oceans. Each product is loaded with potent marine actives obtained through blue biotechnology — not harvested directly from the sea. This helps natural resources and biodiversity preservation. One Ocean Eye Revival Marine Cream, $74;

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