Bone Bash: An Evening in Disguise

Photos by Drew Altizer

October 27

Guests broke out their masquerade gear for the Arthritis Foundation’s 2018 Bone Bash at the Palace Hotel. Inaugural chair Sharon Seto set the mood for an evening cloaked in mystery, where attendees indulged in a sumptuous dinner, specialty cocktails and free-spirited dancing — all for a worthy cause: raising money for the 52 million Americans living with arthritis. The foundation awarded Emily von Scheven with its Medical Award of Excellence, and Jeffrey Gottfurcht with the Champion of Yes Award. 

Pamela Culp, Anette Harris, Roberta Sherman and Christopher Lee
Clark Pingree and Jessica Ericson
Daniel Cabron, Raquel Yemane and David Seto
Tom Barrett and Belinda Berry
Sharon Seto
Heidi Imbus and V’Anne Singleton
Davorin Kuchan, Lucy Kuchan with Bill and Suzanne Taves

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