Checking in with … Andrew Gn

The Paris-based fashion designer is one glamorous optimist.

What was your first internship?

At Ratti in Como, Lombardia. It’s an Italian house famous for its silk weaving and printing. At the time, I was majoring at Domus Academy in Milan.

How do you define fashion?

It’s a way for every woman to look and feel at her best. Fashion used to be the desirable thing of the moment, but now it’s meant to be sustainable and to last. I’ve always seen my beautifully crafted pieces as “heritage,” which you keep or hand down. This is what I think fashion should be.

What inspires you?

The beauty in everything — people, cultures, places, nature, art, crafts, movies… the list is endless.

The last film you watched?

Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, which I can watch over and over again. Can you describe your spring collection? I named it “May There Be Light” — a very optimistic collection filled with hope, light and beauty.

Nature’s Bounty
Andrew Gn has given us hope for what’s to come in this postpandemic world. His spring 2021 collection features fabrics rich in guipure lace, fringe and appliqués — each look ready to make a lasting statement. Gn’s use of color inspires us all to reimagine what our dreams will look like in this newfound future — the deep-blue skies of our next adventures, the white that comes with rebirth, the greens that evoke the feeling of grass under our feet. And the beautiful hand-painted irises and cherry blossoms inspire us to look forward to the joyous day when it’s time to don these exquisite pieces and attend a glamorous garden party or cocktail soiree.



Andrew Gn


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