Checking in with … Steven Cateron

The new senior creative director for Rebecca Taylor brings a refreshing perspective to the brand.

What motivates you?

A character that I’ve imagined to personify this brand: “Rebecca” as an individual. First-name basis. Rebecca is an enthusiast of people, places and things.

Your advice for the next generation of designers?

I can share what I attribute to my achievement and contribution during my career as a designer: Learn by observing experts in the field. Remember it all and apply their strengths creatively to your work. And understand that you don’t know what you don’t know.

Quote you live by?

“…yes I said yes I will Yes.” James Joyce, Ulysses

Your hopes for the upcoming collections?

To register a relevant redefinition of romantic dressing, expressing a decidedly feminine point of view that pays homage to the past and nature — for tomorrow’s world.

Walk us through the spring collection?

My first collection for Rebecca confidently addresses a relaxed romance. Couture techniques, delicate details and expressive handwork are rendered in easy silhouettes. It’s about romanticism, redefined.

Subtle Metamorphosis
Steven Cateron’s debut collection for Rebecca Taylor is one of promise and excitement. The little feminine touches that are quintessential Rebecca still have a place in the collection. But Cateron’s editing eye created pieces that are modern, clean and absolutely wearable. His color palette is soft and understated — shining light on the beautiful artistry of every print, ruffle and pleat. What stands out most is how each piece effortlessly transitions from inside the home to out in the real world — something greatly needed as we move into a future of hope and great change.



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