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Cookies by the Truckload

Typically, when a 1958 turquoise blue Chevrolet Apache cruises by, it’s customary for onlookers to take pause and stare in admiration. But for Blue Truck Bakery, when customers see this vintage truck driving around San Carlos, they make a run towards it. That’s because they know that every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm – 5pm, Mia Moretti puts that truck in park, opens up the trunk, and sells her perfectly packaged cookies out of the back.

“This truck has been a member of our family for a while now,” she says. “For over a year, my husband spent most of his nights and weekends tirelessly restoring the truck back to its original glory. When coming up with concepts for what my bakery would look like, I knew the truck would have to be a part of it.”

Moretti, a Belmont native and teacher turned stay-at-home-mom turned—in her words—“mom-preneur,” has always loved baking. “It’s such a cathartic experience for me. Lots of people need to run or exercise to clear their mind.  Don’t get me wrong, I need to do that too,” she says. “But for me, nothing is better for my soul than baking up a fresh batch of cookies.” Yet, she struggled to find a local bakery that could make what she deemed a quintessential cookie. “To me, a perfect cookie is large, thick with crispy edges and a soft, chewy, almost doughy center,” she says.

So she came up with the idea of a pop-up bakery that, once a week, is solely focused on cookies. Blue Truck Bakery was born and the OG—a salted chocolate chip cookie, was its first creation. Sprinkalicious sugar cookies were the next out of the oven. She is always adding new creations that are highlighted as a Flavor of the Week. “Whether it’s my mom’s Meyer lemon tree or the Oreo cookies my son reaches for from the shopping cart at the grocery store, I always have my eye on what could be the next modern twist on a classic cookie,” she adds.

When Moretti isn’t driving her Apache, she loves baking with her 3- and 5-year-old. “Our favorite thing to do with our downtime at home is to whip up a batch of cookie dough or chocolate chip pancakes,” she shares. “The hardest part about baking with them is getting anything into the oven, because they like eating the dough so much! I’m so happy to be able to share these memories and recipes with them, since the time I spent in the kitchen baking and cooking with my mom and grandmother are some of my fond-est memories.”

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