Cynthia Laura Maus + Sean Everett Delehanty

Romance was in the air for Cynthia Maus and Sean Delehanty from their first meeting on Valentine’s Day at a friend’s dinner party in New York City five years ago. Cynthia recalls, “It was a snowy night in the city and both of us came close to bailing on the party and staying in. We are so glad we didn’t!” After several years of dating, Cynthia (who is in real-estate private equity) and Sean (a tech exec) took a Labor Day vacation to the Amalfi Coast. The bride says, “Sean rented a boat for the day; we both love being on the water. We had just hopped back in the boat from a swim in the sea, and he caught me by complete surprise by proposing as we sailed through the ‘Love Arch’ rock formation off the coast of Capri.”

Sean grew up on the Peninsula and loved Hillsborough. The couple had recently moved from Manhattan to Silicon Valley and thought a wedding in their new city with views of the San Francisco Bay made perfect sense. They tapped Florabella’s Isabella Sikaffy to bring the romantic event together with a Gatsby-style soirée with a few unconventional twists. Cynthia notes, “Isabella spent quite a bit of time upfront getting to know us as a couple and talking about our vision for our wedding. Once we honed in on what we really wanted, she went to work. She then came back to us with two proposals for options that we not only loved, but that she knew we could pull off. We chose New Year’s in Hillsborough! We loved exploring possibilities, then seeing even our craziest ideas become reality. For us, planning was a fun adventure.”

The couple picked lush tropical greenery with ferns and palms everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling, with lots of candles. The only splash of floral color was the bridal bouquet of red roses. The décor had an art nouveau feel, with deep jewel-toned velvet linens and lounge seating, with gold accents.

Following the beautiful wedding, the couple took a delayed honeymoon to Patagonia, Chile. When asked what piece of advice or wisdom they might offer couples about to take a trip down the aisle, Cynthia says, “Relax, have fun, make it exactly what YOU want.”

Special Touches

Sips to Savor
The couple designed a whiskey bar for the reception and went whiskey tasting together prior to the big day to curate the perfect selection.
Family Affair
The couple wrote their own vows and chose the brother of the bride to officiate the wedding. Cynthia notes, “Having an officiant who knew us so well made for an extra-special personalized ceremony with an element of good humor.”
The Dress
The bride wore a Mikado silk Oscar de la Renta gown. “It’s the first one I tried on,” she recalls. “I’m petite, so I knew I needed something minimal, not too heavy. But I also wanted some drama. This dress was perfect! It was simple and sleek in the front, with a wild ruffle down the back. I tried on dozens of gorgeous gowns and could have been happy with many of them. But my dress was the only one that screamed my name.”


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