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The Aptos resident owns Splendid Blended, which makes delicious natural fruit and vegetable beverages from a facility in Watsonville. Cibotti’s company’s 90% organic offerings are an innovative twist on that California classic—the smoothie. With wonderfully whimsical names like Blueberry Hill, Cinnamon Girl, and Strawberry Fields, its appetizing selections have proven immensely popular since sales started late last year.

Cibotti says her inspiration for founding Splendid Blended “began about seven years ago, when I found myself facing some health issues. I was a fish-eating vegetarian at the time, and began gravitating towards ‘real food’ as opposed to fad diets.” As she had a sweet tooth, smoothies eventually became her drink of choice. However, Cibotti quickly observed that store-bought cold-pressed juices lacked the high natural fiber content of her equivalent homemade kitchen varieties.

Her career background had been in sales and marketing for a software company, but growing customer demand for her made-to-order drinks gave Cibotti the inspiration to start her own business. She currently sells via farmers markets, online, and word of mouth. Splendid Blended recently participated in Start Up Monterey Bay, a business competition for entrepreneurs, where it won runner-up honors and a cash prize.

In addition to the superior taste of unprocessed edibles, Cibotti cites a “body of evidence that if we simply ate real foods, it would help to alleviate a range of maladies. Several major health studies back this up.” She adds, “Super-foods don’t need to be things that we’ve never heard of and can’t pronounce. Apples, blueberries, spinach are all good examples.”

Ultimately, Cibotti believes that there is no one silver bullet to being healthy. Rather, it’s a holistic combination whose ingredients include mindful living, adequate sleep, and consuming nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Going forward, Splendid Blended aims to partner with larger organizations. Many such corporations, Cibotti notes, are “still stocking their employee break rooms and kitchens with chips and pretzels. I think we can do better. The wellness movement within high-tech firms, be they small startups or established companies, has yet to fully reach its potential.”

Cibotti is also committed to philanthropic endeavors, having arranged for leftovers to be given to the local charity Team Kitchen. Clearly, Splendid Blended is committed to quenching thirsts and spreading cheer.

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