The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe: Jack Calhoun

by Natasha Chalenko | photos by Margo Moritz

The former global president of Banana Republic is an authority in the world of fashion. Calhoun, who works with international retail clients as a senior advisor at McKinsey & Company, is also a virtuouso in finding the right balance between displaying his distinctive personal style, which stands out from the pack and makes him one of the best-dressed men in San Francisco, and embracing a tailored aesthetic: Great fit, quality and comfort.

“I’m always looking for something classic, but also new and creative. I’m definitely more on the preppy side. If I were to shop in one place on the planet for men’s clothes, I’d shop in London — men there are more dressed up, more sartorial.” An expertly executed mix of accessories personalizes Calhoun’s signature look: He likes to add a belt, pocket square, watch and bracelets. And for formal events, a lapel pin is a must: “To me, it’s all about being thoughtful and appropriately dressed for the occasion.”

Even though Calhoun names Prada, Etro, Gucci and Hermès among his favorites, he’s not a brand-name devotee. “I know what quality looks like,” says the vice chair of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. “I can look at a garment at any price point. If you buy the right thing at the right place, it could be quite good.”

Unexpected Discoveries Jack came across Suit Supply a few years ago on one of his trips to Europe, and has been shopping there ever since. “I think it’s very reasonable price-wise, but really good quality and fits perfectly, and they tailor for you”, says Jack about his blue Suit Supply suit, accompanied by Charvet shirt and tie, Rolex watch, Hermès belt and bracelet.

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