From Bali to British Columbia

By Kristen Gray

This month, our world travelers sailed the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, trekked through African jungles and skied down snowy Canadian peaks.

“Ski, eat, sleep, repeat”

That’s the philosophy of die-hard skier Tom Quimby, who just made his third trip to   in the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia. The wait list is an entire year, and the only way to get to this five-star haven is by helicopter. “The draw of what Mustang provides is a very limited-access skiing experience,” says Quimby. “You’re given access to 40,000 acres of some of the best terrain in North America. This region is consistently able to deliver year after year with the perfect fusion of cold temperatures, consistent snowfall and terrain.” There, Quimby skis 12 to 14 untouched powder runs a day.

“We were able to get three lines down this face called Centaurus,” he recalls. “It completely delivered. It was steep, deep and capped off this year’s trip.”

Into the wild

While on her three-day tour through Tanzania, Sandra Campos (pictured with her guide) and three other Americans experienced the natural wonders of Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater. “Being so close to wildlife, yet at the same time relatively safe, gives you a feeling you can never forget,” she says. “You are in awe and appreciation of the beauty of an animal. You learn about their lives and how they coexist, which is similar in ways to the human experience.” She was amused by how monkeys would linger in touristy areas, ready to strike tour jeeps in search of food. Back home, Campos plans to get involved in nonprofits focused on Tanzania or wherever else her wandering soul takes her.

Sun, surf and soul-searching

“I travel solo a lot, and Bali was a place I could travel safely and affordably as well as find other solo travelers along the way,” San Francisco photographer Tracey Mammolito says of her journey to the island this year. “Plus, Bali would capture that essential balance between adventure and relaxation.” There, she hiked and snapped sunsets at the beach in Nusa Lembongan. She also procured surfing lessons in the town of Canggu, but on her final day the ocean was rough and uninviting. “I was not feeling confident, so I decided to ask the group of eight local Balinese surf instructors if I could instead use the time to take portrait photos of them. To this day, those portraits reflect some of my best work.”

Caribbean romance

Sam Frampton and Alex Patil recently returned from a spontaneous, 10-day vacation to the British Virgin Islands. “It was an all-around magical trip, since everyone in our travel group had just gotten engaged, including us!” says Alex. They sailed to 10 of the 15 inhabited islands, including Anegada, which was “quieter and a bit more relaxing than the others. The island was small enough to make it around by motor scooter in one day. After a day of scooter rides and the BVI’s infamous painkiller drinks, we watched fishermen dock large crates of lobster and later enjoyed them for dinner.” Alex continues: “We watched so many unreal sunsets as we sailed into the evenings, sharing memorable moments that made us stronger as a couple. We vowed to always opt to spend our money on travel, on experiences, rather than ‘things.’ Travel has an unbeatable value and positive impact on our lives that cannot compare to anything else.”

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