From Mexico to the Meiji Shrine

by Kristen Gray

This month, our voyagers escape to Zihuatanenjo, explore Kyoto and drive a Tesla through the desert.

A Mexican holiday

For more than a decade, Jay Jeffers and husband Michael Purdy have traveled to a beach town called Zihuatanejo to celebrate New Year’s. Zihuat, as the pair like to call it, is set in a stunning bay and made famous as Morgan Freeman’s dreamy getaway in the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption. “Over the years, several hotels and small resorts have popped up in the hills and on the beaches,” says interior designer Jeffers. “While there is plenty of imbibing on good tequila and mezcal (with a sangrita back), it is a fairly quiet spot (no Señor Frogs to be seen). We use this as a time to relax, unwind, rejuvenate and get some much needed Vitamin D to fortify us for the year to come.” The couple stay at La Casa Que Canta, a cozy, cliffside hotel with 28 rooms, many with their own private infinity pools. Each year the duo reconnects with hotel guests from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and London who make the same trip every year. “The toughest decision for the day is what to have for lunch! La Casa’s restaurant is one of the best—the grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf with pineapple and a tomatillo salsa gets me every time.”

A Tesla-charged family vacation

“It was my husband’s idea to take a road trip in our Tesla based on the location of supercharger stations,” says Camilla Papale, who runs her own luxury branding and design consulting group. Papale, husband Tony, son Valentino and father-in-law Enzo hit 10 cities in eight days, including Las Vegas, Sedona and Palm Springs. “In Sedona we stayed at the Enchantment Resort, which is surrounded by red mountains and has a great spa, Mii amo. We also hiked to the Sedona Healing Vortex, which is known for its spiritual properties.” In Page, Arizona, they captured breathtaking photos of Upper Antelope Canyon on the Antelope Canyon Navajo Tour before heading to Utah’s Zion National Park and then Las Vegas, where “we were thrilled for some fine dining after eating at diners and the like.”

The Fleishmans take Japan

“I tagged along with my husband, Mark Fleishman,on his recent business trip to Tokyo. It was our first trip to Japan, and we found it very clean and organized with added elements of over-the-top elegance and whimsy,” says Eve, yoga therapist and musician. They stayed at the Mitsui Garden Hotel in the high-end shopping district of Ginza. “Every meal there was delicious, but one of my favorite experiences was at the Tsukiji fish market where we had lunch,” she recalls. “I had never seen fish so fresh, almost alive, in a rainbow of color. We took a day trip to Kyoto, and visited a restaurant built in 1465. Honke Owariya serves traditional cold noodle dishes assorted in bamboo tiers, and we dined at a low table sitting on the floor.” Eve even made an appearance on a Japanese quiz show. “The film crew approached me to be interviewed while we were visiting the Meiji Shrine, a gorgeous green forest with a huge tea garden. A translator asked me questions about our vacation plans, and myself. I almost wish I had been better prepared, or even sang a song for them, since I am a singer.”

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