Future Glory Co.

Rockwell Maxi in Noir

When it comes to handbags, it’s easy to continuously rock that basic black bag or evening gold clutch. Swapping purses like one would jewelry can seem like a daunting task. But when Future Glory Co. presents a collection that is eye-catching and awe-inspiring in its mission, it will be easy to add a few more bags to the rotation.

Rockwell Midi in Red

Theresa Lee made herself shift from employee to handbag designer in 2013. “After working for various design firms in the city, I felt ready to take the plunge into the unknown,” Lee recalls. “My co-founder, Jennie Chen, and I tossed around the idea of making bags because we wanted to create quality pieces without the European price tag.” So in 2013, Lee created Future Glory Co., a collection of ring-handled handbags of minimalist design and effortless drama. “A couple years ago, I started sketching shapes and thought that a circle handle would be so minimal and pure,” Lee says. “After some research, I found macramé rings that I could use as the handle. From there, we were at the forefront of the ring-handle trend.” The end result blends the simplicity of the ring design with marbled pastels, black brushstrokes, and bright yellows and blues.

Marbled Maxi in Black Gold

Yet, Future Glory Co. is more than just handbags—it is a company that focuses on its social impact in the world. “When I was coming up with the brand’s name, the phrase ‘future glory’ was something I was reading in scripture and it really jumped out at me,” Lee adds. “This really encapsulates how I felt at a time in my life when I knew I had more to contribute.”


In order to make sure the collections are of quality craftsmanship, every piece is made in San Francisco. “It’s not easy to manufacture here, so we’re proud to be part of a small maker community in the city,” Lee says. Future Glory Co. also contributes to many charitable projects. Last year, they had the privilege of building a home in South America for a single mother of four through an organization called New Story. And this year, the company is supporting Freely in Hope, an organi-zation that provides academic scholarships, health care, and housing to at-risk women in Africa.

Up next for this burgeoning brand is adding leather accessories to the home.

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