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There is much to be said for addressing issues such as housing and environmental protection in California before we look abroad. However, the main reason why donors donate internationally is simple: a donated dollar usually goes much further overseas than it does domestically. Many donors are looking abroad to see where their philanthropy can have the greatest impact and they have the capacity to do both.

International causes catch our attention in the headlines and we feel compelled to help, though often we are put off by the complexities of donating internationally. Ex-pat South African, Charlene Lingham (who now makes her home in Silicon Valley) saw an opportunity to make an impact back home and she recently decided to donate her time to the Nelson Mandela Institute for Rural Education in efforts to give the organization exposure in the U.S. The late President Nelson Mandela established the Nelson Mandela Institute to take forward his legacy work in education.

Says Lingham, “Initially, we faced challenges on how the funds raised will be mobilized back to South Africa. Now in collaboration with a local Donor Advised Fund and Network for Good, we are able to do this within the constraints of U.S. tax regulations.”

On behalf of the of the Nelson Mandela Institute, The Lingham Family Trust is hosting a fundraiser event on October 30 at the MOAD (Museum of African Diaspora).

The 18th of July 2018 would have marked Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, the beginning of the Mandela Centenary. As part of the Centenary Celebrations, this event gathers Mandela’s friends in hopes of strengthening his legacy in education into the future. The Nelson Mandela Institute is a renowned grassroots South African organization combining applied research with teacher support and community mobilization. The NMI focuses on early primary schooling, working toward the goal that every child learns to read, write, and work confidently with numbers by the end of primary school. The organization works in long-term partnership with teachers, community leaders, parents, and children to create sustainable, humanizing, and quality primary schooling serving poor communities.

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