Graff brings a bit of sunshine to its jewelry arsenal.

This awe-inspiring piece was revealed at Baselworld 2019, the world’s foremost show on all things jewelry related. This watch features the rarest and most valuable shade of yellow diamonds, termed Fancy Vivid Yellow. Each of these diamonds is selected, by hand, by a member of the Graff family and chosen specifically because of exceptional color and rich character. And one will need to break out the calculator to count the stones—60 diamonds totaling over 25 carats! Not to mention, this timepiece is crafted in yellow gold to complement the stones’ golden hues.

To fuse all this beauty together for one timeless watch takes a Graff army. Its master craftsmen and designers created the watch setting so that all the diamonds sit in perfect harmony, set almost invisibly within an intuitively articulated yellow gold bracelet, amplifying the spectacular brilliance of each stone. Graff’s Head of Technologies, Sam Sherry, devised a unique jointing system, which Graff has developed over the last few years to create exceptionally flexible bracelets while optimizing the natural beauty of the stones. Graff’s London atelier also worked in close conjunction with Graff’s Swiss watchmaking team, Graff Luxury Watches, to create this impeccable synthesis of haute horology and diamond setting. This stunning piece of art will have everyone asking you what time it is.

This one-of-a-kind timepiece is available at Graff, San Francisco, 415.926.7000.

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