HairToStay the Diva Way: A Fabulous Fête

Photos by Gooch

Shawnette Sulker

HairToStay’s fashion and hair show meets fundraiser on November 7, HairToStay the Diva Way, corralled more than $600,000 for the organization’s admirable efforts: getting low-income cancer patients the scalp-cooling technology needed to save their hair — and doing it in style.

The second annual affair was as fabulous and high-spirited as its inaugural gathering last year. Beach Blanket Babylon’s Ellen Toscano led an intensely fun live auction, while Grammy winner Isabel Leonard belted it out for a great cause.

Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry’s restaurant, International Smoke, supplied the eats, while Mr. David and his house of fashion were responsible for the wonderfully campy couture at the soiree (more is more!). Hair stylists Ron Pernell, Sam Hayes, Andrew Todd, Scott Allison, Christina Carlsson, and Kateryna Tanska primped to perfection, and the Saks Fifth Avenue makeup and beauty counter made sure no one went lipstick-less.

Local drag icon Juanita MORE! held court at the after-party, where her selector skills kept revelers glued to the dance floor all night.

Other performers who made the fête unforgettable? Vanessa Bousay, Silvie Jensen, Shawnette Sulker, Evan Kahn and Kevin Korth, along with the “singing surgeons” Dr. Laura Esserman and Dr. Sanziana Roman.

The Diva Way 

Location: Herbst Theatre, SF.

Attendees: Isabel Leonard, Juanita MORE! Nuff said.

Cause: Helping low-income cancer patients prevent chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

Dr. Ingrid Tauber and Bethany Hornthal
Dr. Sanziana Roman, Dr. Laura Esserman and Vanessa Boussay
Jeffrey Hessekiel, Janie Friend and Bethany Hornthal
Vanessa Bousay and Katya Smirnoff-Skyy
Cherie Visconte and Carla Thomas

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