Harry Winston’s Haute New Address

by Michelle Konstantinovsky

Hollywood’s favorite jeweler moves into 200 Post St., with bling, baubles and future heirlooms in tow.

When Dede Wilsey received a call late last year from a friend at Christie’s, she had no idea the auction house was in possession of a Harry Winston item with personal added value. “She told me there was an item coming up that belonged to Anne Eisenhower, the granddaughter of Dwight and Mamie, and she thought I’d get a kick out of it,” Wilsey recalls. “It was a red leather box and it said on top, ‘to Mamie with love on her 75th birthday, Ruth and Wiley Buchanan.’”

Wilsey bid on the enclosed gold and diamond brooch without question and is now the proud owner of a special gift from the Eisenhowers’ dear friends—her mother and father.

The 1960s-era Harry Winston stunner is one of many Wilsey has collected through the years, and as the jewelry giant opens its doors for the first time in San Francisco, Wilsey and other devotees eagerly anticipated the sparkling addition to Union Square. “It’s wonderful that they’re coming to San Francisco,” Wilsey says. “They have extraordinary items and beautiful stones.”

Those stones and all the other high-quality materials that go into Harry Winston’s luxurious offerings earned the brand’s namesake a reputation as the “King of Diamonds,” and “Jeweler to the Stars.” Now, more than eight decades after Harry Winston founded his eponymous company in New York, the House of Harry Winston has finally arrived in the City by the Bay, officially rolling out the red carpet on January 30.

One of our main priorities for Harry Winston is to continue bringing the brand to major cities around the world, so San Francisco was a natural choice for our newest salon location.Nayla Hayek, Harry Winston CEO


“One of our main priorities for Harry Winston is to continue bringing the brand to major cities around the world, so San Francisco was a natural choice for our newest salon location,” explained Nayla Hayek, CEO of Harry Winston, Inc. “San Francisco is an important market in the luxury world, as it is home to a sophisticated and diverse clientele that appreciates the intrinsic value, superior quality and rich traditions behind luxury goods. For more than 85 years, Harry Winston has maintained its reputation for the ultimate in fine jewelry and timepieces, and we are incredibly excited to bring the renowned heritage of the brand to San Francisco and to welcome our new and existing clients from across the region.”

According to Hayek, the magic of the new retail location isn’t just in the jewels, but in the iconic space in which they’ll be housed: 200 Post Street, the former home to Shreve & Co., which has remained vacant since 2015. “Harry Winston is known for the exceptional—not only in our fine jewelry and timepiece collections, but also in our extraordinary in-salon experience,” Hayek said. “Harry Winston salons are purposely designed to capture the elegance and intimacy of a private estate, allowing our clients to feel at home when visiting one of our locations, and our new San Francisco salon is no exception.”

The renovated landmark space features the House’s signature gray color palette, custom-designed black lacquer and antique bronze furniture, bespoke chandeliers and a grand marble foyer, decorated with a striking black-and-white starburst motif. But the breathtaking scenery provides a lavish backdrop for the true main attraction: all that bling. In addition to the array of classic pieces on display, the SF salon will also feature several new creations, including Legacy, the House’s latest High Jewelry collection. Inspired by the flawless Winston Legacy Diamond, the collection underscores the company’s continued commitment to rare jewels of the world, recalling archival designs as well as beloved and iconic motifs.

But those on the market for the House’s signature style will be enamored of its timeless offerings. “While I do not necessarily have a favorite piece or collection— I really do love them all—I have a special affinity for the Winston Cluster collection,” Hayek revealed. “The Winston Cluster really speaks to the true design DNA of the brand and is perhaps the House’s most iconic collection. From the famed Wreath Necklace to the Winston Cluster earrings, these designs have represented the signature aesthetic of the House for more than 70 years. The idea behind the House’s renowned clustering technique began in the early 1940s, when Mr. Winston noticed the way fresh winter’s snow glistened on the branches of a holly wreath. It was in that moment that he realized by freeing diamonds from their heavy metal settings and setting them at varying angles, he could create three-dimensional jewels that shined from every angle. That began the Winston legacy of incredible jewels—a legacy we are proud to uphold today.”

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