How to Achieve 48 Hours in an Elevated State? Try a Cutting-edge Base Camp in the Wild Heart of the Utah Desert

Looking to cut and run for a nearby weekend of escapism, adventure, solitude, and privacy? This month marks the arrival of Amangiri’s new Camp Sarika. With a restaurant, main pool, lounge, and a pair of spa suites, Camp Sarika is a self-contained retreat unto itself, and an utterly unique springboard to many of Utah’s spectacular landscapes. Second-to-none Amangiri and all its indoor and outdoor indulgence is just a 30-minute hike or five-minute drive away.

At Amangiri’s request, San Francisco’s Luxury Frontiers nailed the design of this all-weather tented camp at a level of luxury unprecedented in the West. The result: each of the one- and two-bedroom adventure pavilions is a highly customized architectural statement surrounded by over 1,400 acres of desert wilderness. Indoors, each tent boasts a living area, dining area, wet and dry bar, and a soaking tub. The tented roof extends the indoors to outdoor living areas, marked by a private oversized terrace, fire pit, and heated plunge pool. All the tents face west to allow stunning sunset views. What does this mean? A world-class safari experience just as good as Africa or South America is now just a short flight away.

Day 1: Chill Out

Camp Sarika allows guests to reap the benefits of connecting with nature—increased mindfulness, reduced stress levels, and a clearer headspace—with every convenience and luxury at hand. Relax and settle into the luxurious camp vibe before a spa session or outdoor private yoga instruction. The spa offers an extensive menu of therapies inspired by traditional Navajo wellness practices, while yoga and guided meditation will be offered al fresco, allowing guests to reground themselves with heart-stirring 360º views of the Navajo National Park. The camp enables a deeper immersion in Native American culture through storytelling and stargazing around the fire each evening.

Day 2: Go Deep

From the wildlife diversity of Zion and the hoodoo sandstone pillars of Bryce Canyon, to the vertiginous wonder of the Grand Canyon, the landscape is ripe for discovery, whether on self-guided expeditions or private tours led by Amangiri’s expert team. Wake up with a dip in the plunge pool, followed by a gourmet breakfast and a horseback ride to the glorious wonder that is the slot canyons, narrow channels through otherwise solid rock. It is said that Utah has the largest concentration of slot canyons in the world, ranging from roadside strolls to permit-only, highly technical channels. What are we waiting for?

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