Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

At the opening reception for An Excavation: Select Works by Suzy Kellems Dominik on January 18, the artist curated pieces from her own series INVISIBLE and We the People to show at The Laundry. Presented in conjunction with SKD Studio, An Excavation is the artist’s first solo show in San Francisco.

Barbara and Bo McCrum, and Jennifer Benham, ready to see some of the feminist work that Kellems Dominik is known for.

Betsy Linder, who isn’t afraid to have fun with her look, with the artist of the hour.
It could be HuiMeng Wang’s idiosyncratic masterpiece of an outfit, or the Kellems Dominik’s 11-foot sculpture exploring the female form, but there is something about this image speaking to us on emotional levels.
And just when we thought the looks couldn’t possibly get any better, enter Juliet Belkin and Olga Dubrovsky.

The Laundry’s Artistic Director Katie Cooper with Kellems Dominik.

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