Joel Goodrich

Story By Natasha Chalenko | Photos By Spencer Brown

In the world of fashion there are two types of buyers: collectors and consumers. Each keeps the wheels of the industry churning, but in distinct ways. I can easily spot the consumer type—like butterflies, they flutter from one fashion season to another, showing off all the latest runway trends. Collectors, on the other hand, carefully select wardrobe items as if acquiring works of art. That requires a discerning eye, deep knowledge, strategic planning, careful editing and, of course, impeccable taste. Just as you’d marvel at a beautiful painting, the collector’s wardrobe invites you to take a closer look in order to appreciate the details, then step back to admire the full picture. San Francisco collectors boast many of the best-curated closets in the world, and the Gazette dedicates its new department to them. Who better than Joel Goodrich to kick things off?

One of the city’s top luxury real estate agents, Goodrich has been a staple on this magazine’s Best Dressed lists. He’s famous for his dashing business attire and eye-catching red-carpet ensembles. His personal style shines through in everything he wears. It was very much on display last month during a fun-filled fashion chat in his elegant Nob Hill dining room. “My style is Very PC!” says Goodrich, using a clever play on words that stands for “Versace, Pucci and Chanel.”

Goodrich began collecting Versace print shirts back in the year 2000 and now counts more than 80, plus 50 Pucci shirts, many of which are vintage. He characterizes his trademark look as high-energy, upbeat and eclectic. “I’m a very positive person,” he says. “What you wear affects your energy and how people react to you.” He remembers his first major designer purchase: “It was my second year in real estate and I was meeting all sorts of fabulous new people. I thought, ‘I’m going to buy an Hermès tie.’ And I did. It was an amazing feeling because to me they are the works of art.” Since then, his Hermès tie collection has grown to 350 and counting. He still treasures the very first tie he acquired. “Fashion to me is like collecting art,” he muses. “Fashion in itself is beautiful, it makes people beautiful, and I think you can’t have too much beauty in this world.”

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