Love at First Light 

Venue: Island Farms, Couple: Lauren and Mo, Photo: Todd Pinckney

As timeless as love itself, lighting can be romantic, awe-inspiring, stimulating and, of course, forgiving (thankfully). With terms like “gobo” and “LED,” the whole wedding lighting business might seem void of romance, yet that could not be further from the truth. The very best in the field have their heart light turned on 24-7.

Under the expert direction of longtime partners and childhood friends, Scott Basilotta and Mike Matsis, Bay Area Event Lights (BAEL) boasts more than 15 years of experience making sure hundreds of sparkling wedding dreams come true. At BAEL, simply “setting up” your lighting is not enough; these experts are laser focused on creating that perfect wedding day glow.

How does illumination contribute to the most important day in someone’s life?

The right lighting plan does more than create ambiance and aura at a wedding. It sets the entire tone of your big day. Done correctly, a lighting scheme delivers an unforgettable wedding phenomenon, where guests are dazzled by all your vision and creativity, your partner looks more gorgeous than ever, and your photographer can’t stop smiling knowing your photos are going to arrive looking straight out of a royal fairytale.

When selecting a lighting specialist, what is key to consider?

Whether you desire classic, romantic, modern, or dramatic lighting, choose a specialist who considers your unique self and how lighting can unite and enhance every element of your vision moment by moment. For the ceremony, the lighting vision is often romantic and precise, emphasizing the aisle, the ceremonial space, and the importance of the event. For cocktails and dinner, the lighting should emphasize the unique style you’ve created through your decor, floral, and focals. And for the late-night activities, lighting should create the perfect climate for dancing, storytelling, and enjoying the special occasion you’ve so thoughtfully put together.

What is best to know about wedding illumination in 2019?

While lighting is certainly a technical element, it is also very much a design element and an opportunity to amplify and unify your entire wedding day. The key to our success all these years at Bay Area Event Lights has been careful attention paid to the special event lighting industry as a whole, and wedding design and implementation in particular. Skills, products, and technology are constantly evolving and not everyone keeps up. And the only thing more important than vision is implementation. For BAEL, a state-of-the-art inventory, immediate access to domestic and international manufacturers, and all the right specialists in all the right places guarantee an unforgettable wedding.

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