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Luisa Spagnoli arrives in Palo Alto

Innovative and timeless, fresh and classic, iconic Italian brand Luisa Spagnoli has recently opened their first stateside outpost at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. For the Spagnoli family—owners of the successful womenswear label, established in 1928—the Bay Area clientele proved the perfect fit for the ethos behind the Spagnoli aesthetic.

“The environment is dominated by sophisticated industries, such as high-tech, bio-tech, medical and educational institutions, which attract highly educated, accomplished women. These women have an appreciation for quality material, construction and design, along with a desire for their clothing to express their personal style,” says Nicoletta Spagnoli, Managing Director and President of Luisa Spagnoli.

“The heritage of the brand is highly based on empowerment of women and allowing them to feel confident by looking great in all of the roles of their multi-faceted lives,” continues Spagnoli, discussing the brand’s commitment to expert tailoring and impeccable customer service. Helmed by a team of nine female designers, the Luisa Spagnoli line provides individual pieces that can be mixed and layered to create perfectly coordinated ensembles for any situation.

The commitment to excellence extends to the shopping experience. Every aspect of the interior design of the Palo Alto store, from the Venetian chandeliers to wall paneling, were brought in from Italy and developed by the Luisa Spagnoli in-house architect. And while the brand continually looks forward, a belief in classic customer service is a pillar of its philosophy.  “We feel we cannot deliver our personal service through an online experience,” Spagnoli notes. “Without the service, a tremendously important aspect of the Luisa Spagnoli shopping experience would be missing.”

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