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Mediation: The new face of family law

Monica Mazzei is a Certified Family Law Specialist who has been handling high-net-worth divorces in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles for nearly two decades. Monica is presently transitioning her practice to mediation to help couples divorce outside the court system with discretion, dignity and efficiency.

Why is mediation the new frontier in family law? Mediation has always been an alternative to resolving divorce outside the court system. However, with the recent closure of the courts due to the pandemic and the availability of online platforms to facilitate mediations, it has become a popular and preferred method for resolving family law disputes.

What are the upsides of mediation? Mediation can be confidential, keeping your personal information outside the public record. Mediation is scheduled around the availability of the parties and the mediator, making it more efficient and convenient.

What is your mediation practice like? My philosophy is: It is always best to help craft the outcome of your divorce rather than have the court decide. I use the contacts and resources I have curated over the years to provide my clients with the best experts and service providers to assemble an A-list team to navigate the entire divorce process. Presently, my mediation services are offered online. My clients really like the convenience of online mediation, and I think online dispute resolution is here to stay!


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