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Meet Our 2019 ‘Most Eligibles’

By Erin Carlson

What happens when a radio personality, a gallerist, an attorney, a fashion designer and other successful singles gather together for a photoshoot in a clubby, Ken Fulk-designed corner of the Wayfare Tavern? Magic! Behold a Bay Area tradition: the Gazette’s annual tribute to the bachelors and bachelorettes who make the City a vibrant place to work, play and dream. Meet this year’s group — from Adam Swig to Moanalani Jeffrey, they prove single is the new fabulous.

All photography by John Lee.

Gwendolyn Rayner recently launched Aqualille, a hand-painted wallpaper and fabric company, with co-founder Talia Oringer, and was en route to SFO to catch a flight to Paris following the Gazette’s Eligibles photo shoot. The funny, engaging globe-trotter moved to SF from Shanghai, where she worked for de Gournay, the British design house. “I’ve always had this dream of San Francisco, ever since I was little,” says the Minnesota native, who lives in the Marina neighborhood.

When you meet entrepreneur Adam Swig, the first thing you’ll notice is his long, curly hair — a flourish of Bay Area cool that he’s been thinking about cutting for a charitable cause. Now, some might say, “Don’t do it, Adam!” But Swig, who’s got philanthropy in his DNA, will no doubt look as hip with a close crop as he does now. His next venture: A nonprofit that he hopes will encourage the next generation to “enhance culture in the Bay Area” — and give back to the community.

Moanalani Jeffrey’s magnetic smile lights up a room. The photographer, who runs her namesake agency, loves being in the middle of the action in San Francisco. “It doesn’t necessarily feel like an American city, per se, so I love that about it,” says Jeffrey. What does she look for in a mate? “I like a person who can laugh at themselves,” she reveals. “Somebody who has a sense of humor is a big thing. Confidence is also very attractive. … I like men of good character!”

Besides leading Troon Pacific, his SF-based real estate development and investment management company, Greg Malin is a philanthropist-about-town and enthusiastic supporter of the arts. In March, the father of two co-chairs the ODC Dance Around Town Gala at the St. Regis in San Francisco. What he looks for in a partner: “Sincerity. Somebody who really is comfortable with themselves. Self-confidence. Somebody you can be real with.”

Yuka Uehara is one of San Francisco’s most stylish bachelorettes — she is a fashion designer, after all! The couturier, whose label, Tokyo Ga-mine, is worn by fellow sophisticates with a sense of whimsy, has found a kindred spirit in our fair city. “I love the people, and I love how free it feels,” she says. As for a partner, she values “someone who’s kind and someone who dreams of a better world — and hopefully someone I can work together with to great a better world.”

For Bay Area radio star Hooman Khalili, there’s an upside to being single: “Freedom!” he declares, raising a glass of sparkling wine. Another benefit of bachelordom, according to the early-rising 97.3 personality: “No drama. When I go home at night, it’s super-peaceful.” Who could make Khalili change his mind about relationships? His celebrity crush: German model Toni Garrn, who, like Khalili, recently returned from a humanitarian outing in South Africa. Soulmates?

Four years ago, Colby Hallen opened the Yountville boutique Hunter Gatherer (Instagram: @huntergatherernapavalley), a sophisticated selection of high-end clothing and accessories for men and women. “The concept was to create a modern general store,” she says. “It’s about embracing the spirit of what life is like in Napa Valley.” The live-music fan loves to drive down to SF to catch shows at the Independent. She likes all music genres — especially bluegrass.

It’s been two years since Jamal Al-Haj moved from New York City to San Francisco. So far, so good! “I think that the people are very down-to-earth. … Here, I think I live a better quality of life,” says Al-Haj, a partner at Maynard Cooper & Gale. If you want to date the gregarious attorney, you’ll need to possess confidence and ambition. “Teach me something about the world,” he explains. “Teach me a new viewpoint or cuisine, skill or passion that I wouldn’t have ever been exposed to.”

Mahsa Tehrani, a senior social media manager at Oracle, exudes an infectious energy. “I’ve been in social for about eight years now,” she says. “I’ve worked for J.Lo, Steve Harvey, Dancing With the Stars, and then moved back to tech — and here I am!” For people who see Tehrani and get the wrong impression, she wants to clarify: “Maybe I’m not smiling as much, but I’m really the nicest, weirdest, funniest person you’ll ever meet, so I challenge you to be funnier than me!”

Martin Muller, the gentlemanly owner of the Modernism gallery in San Francisco and international art-world authority, might be unattached, but he’s not without fans. “I’ve admired Martin, his gallery and his artists for years,” author and tastemaker Diane Dorrans Saeks recently told the Nob Hill Gazette. “He has a strong following among serious art collectors around the world who are obsessed with one or many or all of his artists.” He also knows his way around a suit.

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