‘Monet: The Late Years’ Inspires Elegance

Photos by Drew Altizer and Arthur Kobin for Drew Altizer Photography

February 13

Style savant Christine Suppes with Lauren Hall, David Wollenberg and Christine Williams, who wins the award for “best menswear look.”

At the exclusive evening, the Fine Arts Museums offered donors and VIPs a first look at their newest major exhibition: Monet’s culminating body of work created during the final stretch of his career, from 1913 to 1926. Monet: The Late Years features over 50 trademark pieces that “redefined the master of Impressionism as a forebear of modernism,” FAMSF describes. Supporters came to impress at the sparkly, black-tie affair — some looks rivaling the works of art on display.

Celebrated art patrons Cynthia Fry Gunn and John Gunn.
Hey, Dagmar Dolby, Dennis Calas and Lorna Meyer Calas, can you let us in on this? We need a good laugh!
Board of Trustees President Dede Wilsey, who understands the delicate art of working a color-blocked ensemble, with Director and CEO Tom Campbell.
Ellanor Notides and Sharon Kim color coordinate effortlessly with the decor.
Mary Beth and David Shimmon and Melissa Buron serving style and grace at the event

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