Narrative Magazine Lauds the Launch of Weekend MaxMara

Photos by Susana Bates for Drew Altizer Photography

March 14

In a niche event for literary enthusiasts with a passion for fashion, Narrative magazine joined forces with Weekend MaxMara to celebrate the store’s opening at Stanford Shopping Center. Hosted by Narrative board member Katie Dickson and boutique event planner Melissa Badger— founder of Dreams & Details — the unique collaboration corralled people from the nonprofit, publishing and fashion communities under the retailer’s roof. Weekend MaxMara donated a portion of the day’s sales to Narrative’s educational efforts in underserved schools across the globe. Some friendly faces in the super-chic crowd: Narrative co-founder and editor Carol Edgarian, Weekend MaxMara General Manager Suzanne Lee and Vice President Stacey Solomita.

Carol Edgarian and Katie Dickson
Suzanne Lee and Melissa Badger
Candace Baer
Shirley Matteson
Stacey Solomita and Judy Lam
Denise Dinsmore and Monica Podlesh
Sally Robinson
Stacey Solomita and Marco Conti

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