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New Frank Residences Memory Care Offers a Place for Loved Ones to Thrive

Frank Residences is designed to make life easier and more joyful for aging adults with memory issues, as well as their families.

Finding the right memory care for a loved one can be challenging and emotionally charged. The primary caregivers, be it a spouse or another family member, may reach the point that they can’t do it by themselves and may struggle with the next steps.

Support from trusted professionals with person-centered care can offer peace of mind and a chance for a loved one to thrive. And that’s where the highly recommended Memory Care at Frank Residences comes in.

Tucked inside the 9-acre San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living and also known to many as “the Jewish Home”, Frank Residences is designed to make life easier and more joyful for aging adults with memory issues, as well as their families.

For architect Lani Way, the benefits of her father’s new home at Frank Residences are profound.

“(Dad) had to be in a place that felt right,” Lani Way explains. “Frank Residences was beautiful and inspiring and has a gorgeous courtyard. Dad’s world was getting smaller. I wanted to be able to make it larger again and coming to the Frank Residences did that.”

Memory Care at Frank Residences is designed for comfort, privacy, and personalized care. Living spaces are optimized to make your loved one feel like they belong to a residential community rather than a clinical environment. All suites come with easy-to-navigate floorplans, custom built-ins, and private bathrooms.

The Memory Care community at Frank Residences also provides guests and loved ones the opportunity to spend time with their family members or friends in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

“My wife is happy, the food here is just terrific,” says Ed Kaplan, a retired environmental scientist and former professor who lives with his wife at Frank Residences. “There are lots of choices on the menu. I was struck by how well designed this place is — it’s a cheery place.”

The idea behind Memory Care at Frank Residences is to provide individualized care designed for each resident — offering care programs based on your family member’s interests and needs as soon as they arrive. Gone is the old and troubling cliché that assisted living is a sad and lifeless space to send family members during their last years. At Frank Residences, the opposite is true: this is a place where older adults thrive. As its slogan is One Beautiful Life, its purpose is to help your loved one live it well.

A professional staff of dedicated caregivers are well versed in compassionate care and can help with such chores as bathing and grooming, getting dressed, and managing medication. Medical equipment and pill carts are smartly camouflaged here, giving the floors a luxury, residential feel. Frank Residences’ residents get a membership to Byer Square, a 45,000-square foot area where people from the neighborhood comingle to dine, shop, and exercise. You and your loved one can eat or relax or take path walks into green spaces. The campus is safe and family-and-resident friendly. And of course, Frank Residences has a state-of-the-art safety system throughout the community.

For more information, visit the Frank Residences website.

RCFE#: 385601084
Lynne & Roy M. Frank Residences is a modern, vibrant, inclusive Jewish community that cultivates health, connection, and learning throughout the aging continuum.

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