NHG Asks: When Lockdown is Lifted, Where are You Going and What are You Wearing?

By Nob Hill Gazette

We’ve been sequestered for months, adapting to a world dominated by Zoom, athleisure and living (begrudgingly) in the present. The Nob Hill Gazette checked in with a few folks around town to see where they’re dreaming of going … someday. We asked: When the lockdown is fully lifted, what’s the first place you’re going to visit, and what are you going to wear when you go there?

Jack Calhoun: To me things will not be truly fully lifted until we can safely gather as groups. When that happens, I can’t wait to be at a great event for one of arts organizations like the opera, ballet, symphony or Fine Arts Museums. I look forward to seeing everyone and enjoying a great meal from McCalls. What I will wear is a difficult one. If in the fall or winter, I will certainly have a new outfit, as I am dying to shop (in person and in a store). If it happens to be next spring, I think I will need to wear one of the great things I bought for this year but never got to wear. With the current backlog of outfits, I may need to start dressing up more on Zoom to get some use out of my current favorites!

Suzanne Tucker: While I’d love to pick right back up with the three trips I had to cancel (Italy, France, Hawaii), I’ll probably head to New York for my work and look forward to putting on my heels and city chic for dinner at Majorelle.

Christina Choi: I will be heading to Cavallo Point Spa for a much-needed massage and having some me time at the meditation pool. Homeschooling and WFH has been quite challenging and has put a huge toll on my body. I will be wearing a swimsuit and a robe!

Yurie Pascarella: If everything was OK, I’d go to Paris. We have good friends in Paris and the south of France, and we miss everybody there! The Ritz has been our home away from home for more than 25 years. I’ve become good friends with the creative director of Libertine, and whenever I wear the brand, I get so many compliments. So, of course, I would bring some of my Libertine clothes I haven’t worn yet. His clothes are happy clothes — and we need happy clothes.

Emily Holt: I’ll be going to the movies at the Balboa Theater and wearing a mask!

Dede Wilsey: I wish I could go to the opera. I wish I could go to the ballet. But probably the first place I would go is to the hairdresser downtown (I’ve been cutting my own hair). I look forward to driving my little turquoise car downtown and I’m hoping a garage will be open. I certainly will wear a hot pink or fuchsia suit — that’s my uniform — because I want to experience being alive again. My hairdresser happens to be in the area of all the chic stores, and I always amuse myself by watching people come out of the shops. I think I’ll need to go into a few myself because we need to support them. I can do some Christmas shopping, birthday shopping … who knows what time of year it will be? It’s an opportunity to go in and say thank you for all of the good service you’ve given over the years — and probably buy some things I don’t need.

Matthew Goudeau: When the lockdown is fully lifted, the first place I plan to visit is Aunt Charlie’s, the last remaining queer bar in the Tenderloin. I’ll be wearing these amazing cobalt-blue Sabah shoes I bought during a recent online shopping splurge.

Willie Brown: I’m going to go to work! I’m going to head to my law office and I’m going to wear a suit and a tie and a hat — and I hope the weather is good enough so I don’t have to wear an overcoat. I have about four outfits that I bought for spring/summer and not only have I not worn them, I haven’t even bothered trying them on to make sure the tailoring fits. With me stuck eating my own cooking, it may not.

Nellie Bowles: It will probably be my cousin’s café, Jane. I want to see my neighbors and read the paper and gossip. But what I’m really looking forward to the most when lockdown ends? A crowded day at El Rio, my favorite dive bar in the Mission. Some weekends they have big gay dance parties outback on the patio, and when this ends, I would like to head into the middle of one of those, to be shoulder to shoulder and dancing and shouting. There’s a barbecue with hot dogs and veggie burgers going for a couple bucks. There’s good cheap beer. There’s all kinds of people wearing all kinds of clothes. I’ll be in jeans, a T-shirt and some leather boots.

Pat McBaine: I can’t wait to go see 42nd Street Moon’s updated production of the classic 1954 Tony Award musical, The Pajama Game, when it opens at the Gateway Theatre. I’ll be wearing my pajamas!

Robert Mailer Anderson: The first place I am going is Original Joe’s in North Beach to have my monthly Fogcutters group lunch (an eclectic crew of large-hearted, laugh-loving, lefty spirits, artists and politicos inspired by the Le Central luncheons of Wilkes, Willie, Harry and Herb) and I’ll be wearing a fedora, purple stingray shoes, and a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

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