NHG + Drew Altizer: Pick-Your-Pic Fundraiser Celebrates Parties Past

Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

Thank you, Lawrence Wong.

When a Pride month like no other coincides with a global pandemic, it forces people to look around and ask: How can I help?

With our Pick-Your-Pic-Party Page fund-raisers this month, dozens of Gazette readers have done just that, raising thousands of dollars for two organizations supporting communities that are deeply in need: Meals on Wheels San Francisco and the Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation.

Through $500 donations, participants including Dr. Carolyn Chang, Arlene Inch, Jerold Osato, Jennifer VanNatta and Doug Jackson (who was matched by his employer, the Gap) raised $9,000 for Meals on Wheels, a number that was then matched by Todd and Lisa Zabelle, totaling $18,000 for the organization. Meals on Wheels’ important mission of delivering food to homebound seniors has become a critical one since Mayor London Breed issued shelter-in-place orders in March to stop the spread of COVID-19, a virus that disproportionately affects seniors. Each $500 donation can feed an individual for one month.

With the help of San Francisco Pride czar Mark Rhoades, we were able to reach folks such as Ben Wong, J. Riccardo Benavides, Tanum Davis Bohen, Chip Zecher and George Kohn, who raised $5,000 for REAF’s tireless work supporting HIV/AIDS services and disenfranchised youth. The organization is also preparing to host its Virtual Summer Gala on July 18. Find more information at

The coronavirus outbreak has upended the communities these organizations serve, but with the help of generous supporters (here’s looking at you!), they’ve been able to continue their vital work. Flip through the following pages to see some of the people who helped make this possible this summer. Thanks to Drew Altizer, who generously collaborated on this project by providing us with access to his extensive photo archive, we’ve been able to feature them in their natural, pre-pandemic habitats: Supporting the arts! Having fun at parties! The good ol’ days, right?

Supporting REAF

Thank you, George Kohn. (Right, pictured with Lee Fitzgerald and Mary Pang)
Thank you, Farah Makras.
Thank you, Navid Armstrong and Joel Goodrich
Thank you, Ben Wong. (Left, pictured with Leandro Gonzales)
Thank you Joshua Morgan. (Left, pictured with Anita Cocktail)
Thank you, David Grabstald. (Right, pictured with Paula West)

Those Honey Bears!

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Pride, local artist fnnch created one of his beloved signature honey bear murals at the SFLGBT Center, housed in the historic Fallon Building on Market Street. Known for his generosity — fnnch’s art has raised $129,000 for COVID-19 charities — the installation was donated by the muralist and pays tribute to the symbolic colors of the Philly Pride flag and the bisexual and transgender pride flags. On display until June 2021, so there’s plenty of time for selfies. Sweet!

Thank you, Tanum Davis Bohen. (Photo by Jasmin Vant)
Thank you, Chip Zecher. (Photo by Mark Rhoades)


Thank you, J. Riccardo Benavides. (Left, pictured with Mary Beth Shimmon) (Photo by Mark Rhoades)

Supporting Meals on Wheels San Francisco

Thank you, Lisa Zabelle for you support and generous match.
Thank you, Mary Beth Shimmon. (Right, pictured with Cecilia Chang)
Thank you, Lisa Considine. (far right, pictured with Christian Giguere, Elaine Asher, Meredith Eggers, Jessica Sweedler, Remi Barrett, Kathryn Surso Rodriguez and Charlene Del Muro)
Thank you, Hillary Tyree. (Third from right, with Kelly Salance, Taylor Skillin, Cissie Bonini, Tiffany Apczynski, Karl Robillard, Megan Trotter and Jennifer McDonald)
Thank you, Nancy Oakes. (Right, pictured with Thomas McNaughton)
Thank you, Doug Jackson. (Right, pictured with Katie Sweeney, David Nash and Lisa Zabelle)
Thank you, Christina Giguere. (Left, pictured with Kari Byron and Ann Balajadia)
Thank you, Jerold Osato. (Pictured in the background, with Sonya Molodetskaya and Rada Katz)
Thank you, Dr. Carolyn Chang. (Right, pictured with Patrick King)
Thank you, Ken Zuckerman. (Right, pictured with Irene Wong)
Thank you, Farah Makras.
Thank you, Hafsa Burt. (Center, pictured with Veronica Gledhill and Lynn Jurich)
Thank you, Sonja Perkins. (Left, pictured with Tess Perkins and London Breed)
Thank you, Dina Bandman. (Left, pictured with Emily Jones and Nicole Angelus.
Thank you, Robert Kresek. (Left, pictured with Susan Kresek)
Thank you, Pam Preston. (Left, pictured with Shokooh Miry)

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