Night at the Museum

Photos by Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer Photography

The scene at Science of Cocktails.

The Exploratorium gives Night at the Museum a new meaning with their always lively Science of Cocktails fundraiser on February 8. Celebrating its ninth year — and the museum’s 50th anniversary — the event pulled out all the shots (er, stops) for the occasion. Think 20 open bars worked by the best mixologists in town, with hors d’oeuvres and sweet treats a plenty. The guest list, a combination of the usual suspects, science enthusiasts and those looking a creative cocktail, raised $230,000 for the museum’s educational efforts. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Hey, Celestine Schnugg and Zach Cogan, is this some kind of drinking game? Either way, we’re into it.
Doug Dalton matched metallics with Emily Kramsey.
Musician Eoin Harrington with Exploratorium Director Chris Flink, who apparently has a keen eye for ties, and Alison and Mike Mauze with Ruben Morell, who held Don Julio close to his heart that night.
Jenny Shen and Matt Dolan made an appearance at the event, where guests were free to explore the museum’s 75,000-square-feet of exhibit space.
Olivia Watson and Nick Lavroff didn’t shy away from expressing their style at Science of Cocktails — the pocket pens are a deft touch!
If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Rico Avila and Jen Lazorack were at the latest SF nightclub.

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