Nob Hill Gazette X 181 Fremont

By Drew Altizer Photography

A couple of casual Lamborghinis stationed at the entrance of 181 Fremont set the tone for the evening: decadence.

Things got glitzy at the Nob Hill Gazette’s event at 181 Fremont on October 24, where the luxury development unveiled its new art space, Gallery 181, in the tower’s grand penthouse. Guests browsed the current exhibition curated by Holly Baxter, which features 26 pieces from Lehmann Maupin Gallery, and got up close and personal with another art form: refined diamond jewelry from Graff.

Gazette A-listers Mary and Bill Poland
Yes, Graff diamonds and good real estate do make Christopher Lawrie, Julie Lloyd and Jarrod Baumann this happy.
This wasn’t a party Victor Makras and Willie Brown were going to miss.
City Attorney Dennis Herrera with realtor wife Anne; Matt Lituchy, chief investment officer at development firm Jay Paul Company, which was behind 181 Fremont; and Gazette co-owners Janet and Clint Reilly.
Leo Medeiros, Clara Shayevich, Terri Tiffany and Sonia Mondkar-Floyd rock an eclectic mix of styles.
Bahya Murad and Joel Goodrich looking artful.
Graff’s drool-worthy display.
Graff models Savannah Vold and Dari Dorj strike a pose in front of the penthouse’s sweeping views of the Bay.
















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