November Oops

You asked for it
Did we make an egregious error? Leave out your picture? Spell your dog’s name wrong? Are you mad at us? Speak up or forever hold your peace! If you’ve got grievances, please air them with us and we’ll publish corrections, complaints, apologies and inadvertently omitted photos.

Our sincere apologies to the family of Ann Miller, the subject of two errors in our October issue. We erroneously reported that Miller, a San Francisco socialite who later joined a convent in Illinois, had lived and thrown parties at the Jewel Box mansion on Nob Hill. We also mixed up Ann Millers in the photo we published in our feature “Hilltop Legends.” Miller’s daughter, Donna Casey, reached out to the Gazette to set things straight. Thank you, Donna!

We misspelled David Grabstald’s last name in our coverage of REAF’s recent “Help is on the Way” soiree. We’ll never do it again! (Until next time, that is.)

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