Obsessions with Natalia Urrutia-Hernandez

By Riley McDermid


Natalia Urrutia-Hernandez may have traveled to every continent except Australia, but she still has goals. “I still want to swim with great white sharks outside of a cage,” the San Francisco socialite mulls in a recent interview with the Gazette. “The only place you can do it is Mexico and it would be wonderful.” And she’s picked up some baubles as a world-class traveler, some of which we’ve showcased above, as part of passion that began when she was nine and went on her first major trip with her family — and hasn’t let up since. “For me, traveling is like going to school and going to college. I learn from everywhere,” she says, including safaris with the Gettys, scuba diving off South Africa and swimming on the edge of Victoria Falls. “And I’m just getting started.”




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