ODC Fall for Art

Photos by Arthur Kobin for Drew Altizer

A sprawling, autumnal Sonoma ranch was the setting for ODC’s Fall for Art auction, where guests supported the company’s Youth and Teen Program while enjoying new performances by its dancers. Attendees marveled at the breathtaking beauty of the ranch while wandering the property’s gardens with champagne glasses in hand. They also enjoyed an al fresco lunch on the lake. Spotted in the crowd were Carolyn Chandler, Chara Schreyer, Gordon Freund, Alisa Carroll, Greg Malin, Heidi Castelein, Kenny Choi, Marybeth La Motte, Navid Armstrong, Nion McEvoy, Tali Rapaport and Worthy McCartney.

Nion McEvoy
Myra Gamble, Timothy Streb and Gilda Poliakin
Jessica Bixby and Justin Erlich
Ainsworth and Sony Leslie
KT Nelson, Carma Zisman and Brenda Way
Co-chair Navid Armstrong, Jarrod Baumann and Jill Pietrowiak

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