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One Bottle: HāLo

By Trevor Felch

The 2015 HāLo, a 100 percent cabernet sauvignon gem from Trefethen Vineyards.

Napa Valley’s past and future come together in this stellar 100 percent cabernet sauvignon gem from Trefethen Vineyards, one of the few estates that have remained family-owned (five decades, three generations and counting).

That third generation — Hailey Trefethen and her brother, Lorenzo — is the namesake for the special 2015 HāLo. Its grapes were picked almost exactly a year after Napa’s 6.0 magnitude earthquake heavily damaged Trefethen’s historic winery building.It’s a deeply meaningful wine and vintage for the family.

Trefethen has never bought a single outside grape, relying on its “home ranch” in Oak Knoll and Hillspring Vineyard at the base of the Mayacamas. Hillspring is where the Trefethen siblings grew up, and the sole source for HāLo, yielding a plush, opulent wine with an exquisite balance of old Napa’s rustic edge and prominent tannins, and new Napa’s elegant power (14.7 percent alcohol, 100 percent new French oak). It’s not just a timeless wine — it’s an heirloom.

Find the 2015 HāLo at Trefethen’s winery, on or at Occidental Cigar Club in San Francisco.

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