The In Crowd

We snuck a few familiar faces on the cover of our April issue, sending curious readers into a tizzy. Behold, a key! 1: Kathy Huber; 2: Dede Wilsey; 3: Maryam Muduroglu; 4: Karen Caldwell; 5: Yurie Pascarella; 6: Lois Lehrman; 7: Jack Calhoun; 8: Willie Brown; 9: Stephanie Marver.

Our sincerest apologies to Reiko and Yasunobu Kyogoku for misspelling the Bay Area power couple’s names in our recent edition, and thanks to Grey McDonald, residence concierge at the St. Regis Residences SF, for catching the mistake!

Correction! The hot new venue August Hall is set to open in May, not August 21, as noted in our last Openings story. Girdeth your loins: More great music in SF!

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