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Did we make an egregious error? Leave out your picture? Spell your dog’s name wrong? Are you mad at us? Speak up or forever hold your peace! If you’ve got grievances, please air them with us and we’ll publish corrections, complaints, apologies and inadvertently omitted photos.

We took some high heat from one of our readers for choosing to feature MLB home run king and SF Giants legend Barry Bonds on our cover last month. That brushback pitch notwithstanding, we thought it was a great opportunity to showcase a local hero giving back to the community. But we’re not here to argue balls and strikes; thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!

In the hubbub of the holiday season, we regret not deciding to hype our search for San Francisco’s 2018 Most Eligibles in print! So here goes: If you’re single and fabulous [Samantha Jones voice], don’t be shy. The world needs to know! Drop editor Erin Carlson a line at [email protected], and tell her about you, your friend, your mom, your cute dogwalker, your divorcee dentist…

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