Movers and Shakers

Our October Movers and Shakers

By Riley McDermid

Seven high achievers on our radar this month.

Matt Rivitz

A freelance copywriter in San Francisco, Rivitz has been making major headlines after being revealed as the mastermind behind Sleeping Giants, a Twitter account with a cult following which tracks ads running in Breitbart News and alerts advertisers. That seemingly small act has led to hundreds of brands fleeing the platform after learning where their digital ad dollars were being spent. “I’m super proud of this thing and of all the people who worked on it and all the people who followed it,” Rivitz told the New York Times. “We’re happy that we made advertisers think a little bit and realize what they’re supporting.”

Margot and Steve Kerr

Welcome to the neighborhood! The legendary Golden State Warriors coach and his wife snapped up a 4,000-square-foot Presidio Heights home for $7.35 million this summer, from which he will plot the Dubs’ path to a third consecutive championship. The home was previously owned by philanthropist and ballerina Patricia Christina, through her legacy trust. But even Kerr, who makes one of the league’s most competitive salaries, has joshed about the city’s sky-high real estate prices. “I bought a house in San Francisco, and I’m going to have to coach another 20 years to afford it,” he joked to reporters after the purchase.

Catherine Geeslin

This darling of the social scene and native San Franciscan made history in September when she became the youngest-ever host of SF Symphony’s opening night gala after-party. Geeslin’s pedigree doesn’t stop there: As the daughter of Priscilla Geeslin, she also became the symphony’s first legacy chair. “I grew up in the symphony. I was eight when I went to my first concert,” she told the Gazette. “I watched with awe while my mother chaired the last two galas and marveled at both the incredible work she did to pull the whole thing together and the incredible outcome that came from that work. So when I was asked to chair the after- party, I leapt at the opportunity.” Congrats on a job well-done, Catherine!

Darren Criss

The San Francisco native is being celebrated across his hometown after winning an Emmy for his best actor in a limited series or movie for his portrait of Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. The 31-year-old Glee alum nodded to his heritage during his acceptance speech, when he thanked his parents. “Unlike the character I played, I was lucky enough to be raised in a home that was very loving and emphasized the value of hard work, compassion and not taking yourself too seriously,” he said. That might not be all — Criss was nominated by his high school classmates as the student “most likely to win a Grammy.”

Juliet de Baubigny

The team-building guru has an exciting new challenge on her hands following the latest shakeup at legendary venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. De Baubigny joined colleagues Mary Meeker, Mood Rowghani and Noah Knauf in an abrupt split from Kleiner. The group will be spinning off to develop a new firm focused on late-stage investing. Her stated philosophy? “I invest in people and relationships for the long term — whether as part of a team, a board or part of our network — to help build and grow our companies as having the right relationships at the right time is a vital component for business success.”

Anderson Pugash

Three cheers to the young hospitality entrepreneur responsible for hotspots like Palm House, The Dorian, Bergerac and Audio SF. The local impresario is making exciting new moves and has relaunched his company under a new brand identity, “Serious Leisure.” Why the new direction? Pugash provides the Gazette with the inside scoop: “I spent seven months on the floor of my apartment recovering from a serious injury. This path of suffering, reflection and recovery led me to a personal awakening that informed and re-energized my vision for my life’s work,” he said. “Too often, we find ourselves serving others without serving ourselves.”


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