Parties: All Fun And Games

by Catherine Bigelow | Photography by Al Saracevic

The NBA Finals descended on San Francisco last month, pitting the hometown Warriors against a historic Boston Celtics franchise. It was a matchup for the ages, so a proper welcome party was certainly in order.

The fete happened on June 1 at Chase Center, which shined under a national spotlight during the basketball championships. It was a fine evening featuring many of the City’s political elite, including Public Defender Mano Raju and his wife, Archana Mehta, as well as Chamber of Commerce President Rodney Fong, who enjoyed the gala with wife Darlene. Zaza Pachulia, the former Warriors center who has found a home in Golden State’s front office since he retired, made time to chat up attendees about basketball and business. Acrobats performed in the hallways, and it was swell and good with sips and nibbles for all.

But it was Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself who stole the show at the big party. We heard she was down on the court, taking photos with her many fans in attendance. Sure enough, there she was, accompanied by daughter Christine and mixing with her constituency. The Warriors had set up a nifty photo op on the court, allowing attendees to take a snap in front of the team’s impressive collection of trophies. At one point, the congresswoman was asked to name her favorite Warrior. “Now, I love Steph [Curry]. And I love Klay [Thompson]. But for me, it’s Draymond Green,” she said, her face lighting up as she explained her reasoning. “He makes it all happen. He likes to mix it up. I’m a big fan. He’s the heart.” Sounds like someone we all know in Washington, D.C., huh?

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