Parties: Expats & The City

Written by Catherine Bigelow | Photography by Drew Altizer

On September 23, British Consul General Joe White MBE with his fellow countryman, Slack cofounder- CTO Cal Henderson, led the GBx black-tie gala dinner — celebrating the best in British tech and sustainable solutions — at The Pearl in Dogpatch.

Founded in 2014, GBx Global is a private network that connects British founders and investors working in the Bay Area and also mentors early-stage entrepreneurs entering the market. In addition to the Consul General, GBx team members include its executive director Kate Dutton; Trulia founder Pete Flint; and Zyper founder and CEO Amber Atherton.

White was appointed in December by Her Majesty the Queen as the new consular honcho in San Francisco — with the additional and inaugural title of Technology Envoy to the United States. But that’s a handin- glove fit for White, formerly a successful entrepreneur and Silicon Valley VC who was honored, again by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, in 2017 with an MBE award for his service to the British tech industry.

“The Bay Area has a unique place on the world stage as the home of disruptive innovation and pervasive tech platforms,” says White. “Representing my country as Tech Envoy and Consul General, via ministerial visits and our wider diplomatic remit, the U.K. is increasingly keen to engage and help shape this evolving landscape that touches all of our lives.”

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