Parties: Love Is Sparkly

By Catherine Bigelow

Tiffany Men’s Engagement Rings Launch

Cause: Gay ( jewelry) Pride

Attendees: 20 at each event; plus the Gay Pride Band

Result: Diamonds are everyone’s best friend

The famed hue of Tiffany Blue blossomed last month into a full-spectrum rainbow as the luxury jeweler celebrated Gay Pride with the launch of its inaugural collection of men’s engagement rings and “Stand for Love” campaign.

In collaboration with the Nob Hill Gazette, Tiffany hosted a two-day celebration at its Union Square boutique. An evening soiree included Champagne, shopping and a conver sation led by Gazette contributing writer David Nash with the fabulous Ken Fulk on the inspirations for his recent cross-country design projects, including the Auberge Commodore Perry Estate in Austin, Texas, and a swank new lounge at Carbone in Miami.

On the weekend, breakfast was served at Tiffany with members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus belting out joyful tunes to inspire romance, or just shopping, among the swell set as they cruised sparkly vitrines filled with this dazzling new line of bling. Social media influencers have dubbed the jewelry man-gagement rings, but its bold, clean modernity is an au courant fashion statement for all genders and persuasions.

It was 135 years ago when founder Charles Lewis Tiffany introduced the world to his signature solitaire diamond engagement ring for women. Today, Tiffany craftfolks have reimagined that classic six-prong innovation as the Charles Tiffany Setting. Thick signet-style bands of platinum or titanium are crowned by a round brilliant or emerald- cut diamond, some clocking in at a hefty 5 carats. Tiffany is too discreet to publish a price. But according to the Robb Report, the collection ranges from $15,600 to $278,500. Now, that’s love!

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